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Welcome to MYTR on

A few quick notes.

First things, first:

Everything you need to handle your account is found directly on the “ACCOUNT” page. Pretty intuitive, huh?

Remember: The MYTR Broadcast – – et al. are all part of StreetCry Media Partners, LLC.

So if you’re looking at any of your credit card purchases down the road and suddenly think “Who is this StreetCry Media, MYTR, or I see on my bill? My account must have been compromised, I’m calling my bank and reversing this charge!”

Remember – StreetCry Media Partners, LLC. is, MYTR, et al.

If something went wrong on our end (i.e., an erroneous charge, or charge for wrong subscriber level, et cetera) you need to contact us directly either through our site or, by this email:

We will fix any erroneous charges or mistakes that happened on our end.

Just one last note…

We’re sorry we have to even state or address the following, but it’s part of doing business on the web today. As Mark has stated many times prior: “It’s not what someone originally does to you that hurts, it’s how you now have to treat everyone after that really smarts.”

e.g., Charge Backs

We vigorously defend (as in use available vendors and documentation) against what is known as “Charge Backs” via the issuing credit card holder or payment service.

Cancelling a subscription or service through the “Charge Back” process is both unfair, as well as improper. This process is intended for use only in the case of serious fraud and abuse protection.

If you were indeed a victim of fraud, by all means, we understand and want to help. And, will do what is proper on our end.

Please remember: you were asked specifically to read, and check box your understanding for such, as to agree to the terms specified in-order to be processed in the initial sign up. You were specifically asked for your understanding and to confirm that understanding via a separate check box to validate your understanding of those terms. You would not be reading this “Thank You” email if you did not agree to such during the initial sign up process.

Again, we’re sorry we even have to mention it, but this is the world of e-commerce we live in today.

So with that out-of-the-way, let us once again state how happy we are that you’ve joined the MYTR family. And again:


StreetCry Media Partners, LLC.