Testimonials, much like Bio’s, are a double-edged sword that can cut both ways. Far too often most are just over-inflated, self-promoted hype. It’s hard to decipher whether or not what’s being expressed is really an accurate portrayal or not.

We’ll let the evidence speak for itself and you decide.

“Some people try to save time by not re-inventing the wheel.
Mark comes up with an idea that is better than the wheel.”

~Dottie Grover, Namesake of the NHCCM Leadership Award

Did I mention many carried on some of the largest media outlets across the globe?

“I’m always interested in what you’re doing. Very inspiring!”
~Laura Whittaker, Program Director, Carnegie Center
for Literacy and Learning

Below is a sampling from the ever evolving list of “Mark’d In Quotes”
from various speeches, writings and more.

“Far too many overthink not only the direction in which to progress, but also the baby steps they assume should be taken, resulting in inaction. In fact what they should be doing is setting themselves up into the best guessed direction possible – and begin making giant leaps or strides into that assumed unknown.” -Mark St.Cyr

“Be willing to start your own business revolution, rather than waiting for others who can’t – or won’t.” -Mark St.Cyr