Testimonials, much like Bio’s, are a double-edged sword, for they can cut both ways. Far too often many, if not most, are just over-inflated, self-promoted hype. It’s hard to decipher whether or not what’s being expressed is really an accurate portrayal or not.

We understand this, because just like you, we as well often need to weed through the superfluous and/or self-aggrandizing that we come across in our own line of work.

We get it, it’s a task-and-a-half.

So in that spirit we decided to do something just a bit different from most. We also believe it validates far more than any testimony we may have asked others to write on Mark’s behalf. The reason is simple: If you don’t work directly, or even indirectly, for the largest media outlets across the globe – there’s no reason or incentive for them to either cite you, reference you, or post your insights or articles in their entirety unless what you’re saying is deemed important. Year, after year, after year.

To quote just one instance, using just one media source, that was then quoted across the sheer entirety of media itself which included Mark in one of the largest media sensationalized stories of our times, employing said research quoted by many of the most influential media houses such as The Washington Post™, NPR™, LA Times™, along with editors from The New York Times™ and others, this author has shown to be, “…driving and shaping stories, not merely reacting to them.”

If that isn’t the true definition for describing an actual “Thought Leader”  – we don’t know what does.

So it is here, where we’ll let the evidence speak for itself – and let you decide.


Did we mention that Mark has accomplished the above while not using or even having any social-media accounts? Don’t let that point go by without truly contemplating it, for in today’s world where everyone is selling the idea that without social-media you will never be noticed – Mark has proven by dint, precisely the opposite.

The above is only a small sampling, but as we like to believe – the evidence speaks for itself.    -StreetCry Media Partners.