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When Front-Running Gets Dangerous

The “markets” on Tuesday (May 4th) went from their ever-entranced manic behavior to suddenly flip into what can only be described as some form of depression with a sudden sell-off. Why? Well, there are a lot of theories, but the one that stands out as the catalyst was when former Fed. Chair, and now Secretary…

A Curious Dichotomy

In a discussion I had last evening, there was the usual back and forth banter of each giving their defense or assailing of the other’s argument. It’s also these types of open, honest and opinionated discussions that are becoming increasing rare, because every one is now far too guarded to say anything that may be…

Yesterday Has Come And Gone

Wednesday seems to have turned out to be a glorious satisfaction for many on Wall Street and elsewhere with absolute blowout Apple™ earnings, an absolute guarantee for open ended QE via Fed. Chair Jerome Powell’s post FOMC presser, and a speech from the President that all but laid out how the “magic money tree” aka…

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