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“MSC Content No Longer Available” (originally posted December 21, 2017)

Hello all, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from everyone here at MSC/StreetCry Media.

This is just a blanket announcement as to answer some recent inquiries about no longer finding any of Mark’s content on other platforms where they may have resided for quite some time prior. An example would be Mark’s podcast offering on iTunes for one.

Mark announced earlier in the year that he was removing all content from any and all other sources as he prepares to launch his next endeavor MYTR.

Please Note: This does not include Mark’s postings on this blog or the reprints of those posts found on other venues. There is no change in that content channel.

As of today we were notified that the remaining venues have since removed any remaining content from their sites. Other examples such as Amazon or other book outlets such as Barnes and Nobles etc. have also since complied. Mark’s offerings are no longer listed per our request.

This is a dramatic shift in approach to business as it pertains to anything conducted on the web today. Mark is the one of the only higher profiled public figures we know of with a global reach, consolidating his offerings forcefully and intentionally making content for sale or exclusive to subscribers to be made available only on his own proprietary sites. No sharing or social media, No Youtube or equivalents such as Vimeo and others, No podcast vendors of any kind such as iTunes, Libsyn, Podcast One and more. Calling the above anything less than dramatic would be fitting of the term understatement.

There will be more announcements coming for when MYTR will be available. But it’s close, as in very close.

We just wanted to post this on Mark’s blog to alert any subscribers old or new as well as readers.

Once again, best wishes to all!

V.V. -StreetCry Media Partners


“MYTR Is In Its Final Stages To Launch” (originally posted on front page September 13, 2017)

I’ve wanted to do this post for quite a while, but needed to wait until a few further items fell into place as to where I felt comfortable with their implications. And they just have.

So with that I’m here to make two announcements, which I believe, are very out-of-the-usual when it comes to business in today’s interconnected world, and its so-called internet-of-things business models.

With that said – here they are…

First: MYTR™ i.e., the new initiative that I’ve been developing, is within 90 days of full launch. Maybe even sooner. (albeit “developing” has been more like starting, stopping, changing, tinkering, trashing, reinventing, jettisoning, rearranging, destroying, rebuilding, destroying again, etc., etc. But I digress.)

It will be unlike anything I have ever done, as well as unlike anything else on the web today, bar none. Both in content, delivery, as well as its direction and business model.

As I’ve instructed others over the years: “When 80% ready or so – launch. The remaining 20% can, or should be done on the fly.” We’ve come within spitting distance of the 80 mark, so that means we’re at least close enough to announce which by itself helps cement follow through. (The rest is basically legal tidying ups, but we all know how that can go.)

As it grows, we’ll add additional items to its inventory such as specialized, pragmatic business content, whether video or audio, and more. As always – more details to follow when applicable.

So, to be clear, it will be the “MYTR Broadcast” that will launch first. And the rest, as it develops, as we go along. I’ll roll out some further “sample” content I’m sure in the not-so-distant future. I believe, and it is my intention, to deliver a product in a manner and form unlike what is available on the web today. Again – bar none.

I know, that’s a pretty big claim. But at least you know what I’m striving towards. So “stay tuned” as they say.

Before I move onto the second point, or points. I need to state the following:

To Be Clear: I’m not speaking about MarkStCyr(.)com.

In other words: MarkStCyr(.)com will remain exactly the same as it is today, with free access to my articles or anything else I deem appropriate. Here is where I allow sharing for readers, and allow news sites, blogs, and other media sites to reprint, quote, or reference my material in matters they see fit. Again – that is not changing. MYTR will have its own website, as well as address. It’s a stand alone offering.

I wanted/needed to make sure the above was written, highlighted, with explicit wording, for today’s skim-over viewing habits as to leave no doubt.

“So, what does that all mean precisely?” you may be asking? Or, “Big deal, so what?” And those are fair questions. So here’s, as they say, “the money quote.” To wit:

All my other intellectual property, and by that I mean just that – all of it. Will no-longer be found anywhere else on the web except for my own-owned websites. And I mean just that. Anywhere. I am removing and closing all accounts or venues such as on-line retailers, et cetera.

Again – all of them. And for those looking for me to be a little more specific (as in thinking I might intentionally be trying to be a little coy): That includes the likes such as, iTunes™, Amazon™, Barnes and Noble™, Libsyn™ and more. And – that process has already begun whether it be in audio form, book form, video, etc., etc.

Once again (sorry to keep repeating, but I believe it’s that important): Anything, and I mean just that – anything, and everything – I make available for purchase or subscription will only be available exclusively on my own-owned web addresses.

This is anathema to anything believed, told, or sold when it comes to business in today’s world of the internet. Which is precisely why this is such a daring endeavor to embark on, as I am. But, just like late night television: “But wait…there’s more!”

There’ll also be: No social media links, no social sharing buttons, no Youtube™, no Vimeo™, no podcast, no __________(fill in the blank), no nothing, anywhere else. Period.

So the other pressing question, I imagine, you must be asking is, “Why?” Again, fair point, and it is this…

I believe there’s a coming revolution about to take place within the small business world. i.e., A resurgence unlike one seen in decades. And let’s be clear here, because far too many (even business people) think “small business” means small.

Small business (the backbone of America still, although tired and hurting under current circumstances and direst) begins at the solo-practitioner (i.e., a single person whether it be a self-employed janitor, or Dr.) to a company that employs around 500 with revenues in the $Millions. These make up about 95+ percent of all the businesses in the U.S.

That’s right, nearly all, but you wouldn’t know it when listening to the financial/business media. A damn disgrace on its own. But I digress.

I fervently believe fundamental business practices such as creating value that generates net profits to the bottom line will once again be paramount, as they should be. Things such as: Likes, hits, eyeballs-for-ads models, etc., etc., I believe are already in the death throes of business models. The only ones not aware are those still thriving on central banks largess. But that’s all about to change, and change soon, in my opinion.

And with that (again my opinion, but held with high conviction) will come the greatest opportunity small business has had in decades. Yes, even in this day of “Amazaurus-Rex” If – they’re brave enough to embrace it. But that’s what business is all about it, isn’t it? More details on that later.

I believe subscription models, along with word-of-mouth, peer-to-peer advertising/recommendation will be the model for the future. And what I’m speaking directly to is direct recommendation, not some form of “A.I. recommended” ad model.

I believe we’re going back to basics for the future-models of commerce. Only this time (as opposed to the late 90’s) with far better tools that are actually far more useful and user-friendly. (i.e., remember when it used to cost $10’s if not $100’s of thousands, and a crew of 19 year olds who couldn’t care less about your business goals, just to have a crappy web site with any form of e-commerce capability? Even one that worked 10% of the time!)

Yet, make no mistake. I also believe that future is now! Not tomorrow. Why? That’s another good question, and it’s for this reason…

I have been one of the very few both long ago, as well as consistently since, who has warned entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives that building a business based on the models offered upon, or heavily reliant of Facebook, Google, Amazon, and more – was a potential disaster waiting to happen.

That warning coming true is now self-evident. Just ask the businesses or sites that are suddenly (not counting those prior) finding themselves at the mercy of these platforms where overnight their revenue streams and more have not just been cut. But all their content suddenly “no longer available.” Even to themselves!

Not because they’ve done anything wrong, but because these platforms have deemed it so. Rightly, or wrongly. (Long time readers will remember my own encounter with YouTube and the utter frustration in dealing with a frivolous, baseless, DMCA takedown notice, which compelled me to jettison the platform altogether years ago.)

So it’s off into the wild-blue-yonder as they say, with only a compass. Whether my new endeavor is met with great rewards, or fails miserably – so be it. But that’s what “playing” on the horizons edge is all about, correct?

That’s why that other old maxim is still with us and relevant. And too many like to forget about it, and only complain when things get tough. e.g., “If it were easy – everybody would be doing it.” (and trust me, mine is not some 99¢ per year type model. Let’s just say it’s very similar in price to what a new iPhoneX® is suggested to cost. Again, more details later.)

Some people right now are thinking, “You are out of your mind freakin’ mind!” And that may be. But let me address that assertion with the following…

When it comes to the “written” word. Most (if not all) within the craft first looked upon someone like myself as a punctuation, grammatical abomination, against all that they hold sacred. (and some still do!) After all, I publicly admit I have a hard time spelling cat without a spell checker.

And don’t use an editor?! That alone infuriated many of my detractors. (I have a distinct feeling many of them were unemployed, unread, unpublished, former editors themselves, But that’s just a guess.)

The financial and academic crowd considered someone of my rank (e.g., a high school drop out) to be someone not worth the breath to even acknowledge existed, let alone, have to answer to any of my assertions. And yet, it has been more than hilarious at times (making up for some of the more than frustrating ones) to watch, listen, or read this very same ilk either refer to, or directly answer some of my direct assertions (even better when I’ve heard my headline used!) on television, radio, as well as print. And yes, on some of the major networks or outlets.

My first book (which itself was deemed a punctuation, grammatical offense to all that is “holy” in the business of books) went global and was continually being downloaded in more than 40 countries within days of its launch. And that’s all before it went live on any commercial sites such as Amazon and others.

On an aside, (because I believe it needs mentioning) as I said in that book: I left it with all its flaws within to show, if successful, the argument that most use as “not ready” or fail to “ship” as Seth Godin says, would now be shown de facto most, if not all, of their protests for not moving forward, faster were probably based on invalid reasoning.

I proved that point, again, using myself, not someone else as the example, as so many of today’s “business gurus” do. (I guess one could chalk this latest into that category also.)

I have made news stories across the globe. Been quoted on all media such as television, print, web, and more. And, by the largest media and reputable sources or sites, again, around the globe.

I’ve been quoted and featured in some of the most groundbreaking financial stories of the past decade. I’ve also been quoted, while appearing, in the same news stories featuring the likes of Warren Buffett, and others. Had my articles published routinely appearing to an audience of 10’s (yes, that’s tens) of millions monthly – for years. Had my articles run along side some of the biggest names in finance, sales, business, and more.

And that’s just off the top of my head. All without any social media accounts which you are told/sold – you must have to do even 1/10th of what I’ve alleged. (Again, on an aside: I’ve documented and publicly backed up all these assertions over the years as long time readers know.)

Oh yeah, and to those who say you can’t remove yourself from all those platforms. After all, “You’ll need to offer such things as an app and such, because without an app – “You’ll be seen as not getting it. And not having a book available on Amazon? What are you nuts?!” My answer?

“Been there, done that.”

Just one example, such as, when it comes to an app. I was one of the very first to have one way back in 2010. A time, by the way (which I argued and called correctly) that “apps” were seen as a joke and openly mocked across the business/financial landscape stating they would fall by the wayside, much sooner than later.

My app (which by the way still runs flawlessly – although no longer supported – on my devices to this day) was actively being downloaded for years till it was removed from the store a few years back when we no longer offered support or upgrades. An amazing feat when it’s been reported and documented that nearly all apps (and has been this way for a while) never, repeat, never get downloaded once.

So when I’ve argued or said “I believe most don’t need one.” It’s not as if I haven’t thought it through.

What I’ll also add too that is, “Actually, it maybe the very last thing you need to do in today’s business world.”

But you won’t hear things like that anywhere else coupled with the reasoning behind and pragmatic applications of it. Which is precisely my point. (If you just heard a loud “thud” it’s probably a social media “guru” or app designer reading this elsewhere in close proximity. Just have a brown-bag, and glass of water at the ready – just in case, I believe they’re going to need it.)

So with that for a backdrop. Yes – I’m ready to see where this all goes next, I hope you’ll feel the same. And if anything?

It’s going to be a wild, and interesting ride. That’s for sure.

© 2017 Mark St.Cyr

“MYTR Update” (Originally posted on front page July, 11, 2017)

After what has seemed to be an eternity (actually now going on over a year) I finally received answers to some very specific questions I needed answered, to my satisfaction, before I went any further. And with it, hit the “proceed” button for it to move forward in earnest.

In retrospect I’m very glad I put the brakes on, because there were a few details, although small, which had the potential to be very big issues down the road had they not been handled properly, today. An example would be the difference in setting a course that’s off by 1° degree. It’s fine if you’re only going across town, but cross-country? Never-mind not ending up where you thought, you could end up in another country all together.

Although it puts my scheduling a bit more into arrears, at least it now is able to move forward. So with that we went ahead and registered the following domains: MYTRbroadcast dot com, and dot net.

I know to many it’s about the equivalent of the old skit from the movie “The Jerk” with Steve Martin. But it was an important step on my end, for it means actual progression towards completion is, once again, on in earnest.

On a side note, if you looked at the above reference and didn’t get the implied joke? i.e., You’re not as old as Methuselah as the kids call me. It’s worth watching. If you are one of those “kids” who don’t “get” what a phone book is, or was? Just replace the phonebook and think instead of a newly created Facebook™ page.

Same thing.



“MYTR Update” (Originally posted on front page June 23, 2017)

© 2017 Mark St.Cyr In Assoc. with StreetCry Media Partners, All Rights Reserved


“MYTR Sampler” (Originally posted on front page April, 11, 2017)

Hello all, here’s a sample of some of the projects Mark’s been working on under the MYTR banner. It’s just a small sampling but it does give some perspective of what’s going on behind the scenes. Enjoy, and they’ll be more coming in the near future we’re sure.


J.D. -StreetCry Media Partners

© 2017 Mark St.Cyr In Assoc. with StreetCry Media Partners, All Rights Reserved



“MYTR Update” (Originally posted on front page March 31, 2017)

In late January I announced that I was getting ready to launch what I deemed a “new and truly different” offering under the MYTR banner. Since that time I have been met with obstacle, after obstacle, after obstacle and I just wanted to share with you an update.

Be forewarned: This “update” is wrapped in a rant, so don’t say I didn’t warn you…

One of the most infuriating things I have run into that just makes my blood boil, is the sheer unresponsiveness, carelessness, nonexistent customer service, apathy, and so much more across the business landscape – there’s not enough digital ink to list them all.

Yet, in my opinion, there is no other violator of a customers’ time, and money – than those of the “web service” sector. You know, the one’s that are going to make things “easy” or, “take the hassle away” for you, so you can go about the important issues like “growing your business.” All for a fee. Usually a very hefty fee once you add all the “upgrades” you’ll need (as to be actually useful) over and above the “advertised” core product.

When it comes to services provided for “free?” It’s even worse, sometimes much worse, as an example: Try getting any response if you think you’ve been harmed via a fraudulent or frivolous DMCA take down notice via Google™, YouTube™, Facebook™, or others. All I’ll say is good luck with that. I’ve been through the process and after changing from “watching the paint dry”, to “watching the grass grow”, I finally threw in the towel and decided rather than wait, I would just no longer use any of these types of services. And still don’t.

This is the reason why I only have “sharing buttons” when it comes to social media. They’re for others to use as they see fit. Personally – I don’t use any of them, and could care less about them as long time readers know.

However, with that said, what I’ve found ever more frustrating are these services – which you pay  for – are increasingly displaying the same type of characteristics. i.e., You’ll only hear from them if your “check bounces”, other than that, good luck trying to reach a human.

Examples of this can be anything from hosting services, domain registers, and again, a whole lot more. I have documented a few of my own issues over the years which you can read here, and here. Now it would seem – I’m in one, once again. And I’m getting increasingly infuriated by the day.

(On an aside, as some of you may know this was the reason why I switched nearly all of my IP for viewing over to WordPress™. As of today they’ve been by far the best on all fronts. Your “mileage” may vary as others have said, but as for me as of this moment – they’ve been far more responsive than I ever imagined they would. Also – their stance against frivolous DCMA is currently second to none.)

“So, why all the above?” you may be asking. Well it’s for this reason:

One of the building blocks that was (is) crucial in the development of what I was getting ready to launch has so far turned out to be nothing but a wait, wait, wait, then wait some more proposition, with no real clarity.

I currently can’t tell if this is all just a fluke, or something I’ll have to contend with continuously.

I’m beginning too feel it is the latter.

And with that realization – it puts not only everything “on hold”, it throws everything (and I do mean everything) that I was formulating as in the entire structure (model) crumbling into pieces. So much so that I may have to rethink, as well as redo the entire concept and enterprise.

Yes, as you might conclude – I’m totally, and throughly ticked off. And that’s putting it mildly.

Here’s just two little tidbits as to help clarify my anger. First: After careful and much correspondence (this part was when responses came fast and furious) as to make sure I could do X, Y, Z or not, and what that would entail, I decided to accept their offer and signed on for greater tools at a cost of quadrupling my current monthly charges. Yes – quadruple. But trust me – that’s about to be adjusted not just back, but passed back to, and directly to, ZERO.

Since I’ve made this change my response time to recent inquiries that are crucial, and a core feature of this new service have been (wait for it…) ZERO, as in zip, zero, nada. And these inquiries have now moved from weeks old – to over a month.

“Customer contact”, “”problem tickets”, “customer support” emails have gone unanswered. And for those wondering – I’m not sending “follow ups” asking (or pleading) “Hey, I sent you blah, blah, blah, did it possibly get lost in the ether?”

I would if I had only sent 1 request. But sending one across many different channels of contact and still not getting any response? Unacceptable, plain and simple. And I’ve just about had enough. (Actually more towards “just” but anything can happen between now and then I guess, but I’m sincerely doubting it.)

Now with the above for context let me lay out what I have forthcoming in light of all this…

I am currently rethinking everything I had originally thought going forward. And – I’m definitely going to make changes. What those changes are? I’m not quite sure, for as I said – everything I once thought was “all systems go!” seems to have blown up while on sitting on the pad. However, here’s what is coming:

I’m going to start by having StreetCry™ release potions of what I’ve been working on in the coming days, probably a week at the latest. They’ll far from be finished, complete, or written in stone formulations or presentations. Yet, they will at least give you an idea of what I’ve been pursuing over the last year or so.

We have many subscribers both new and old (as always, thanks too all!) and the subscriber base has grown ever more since my first announcement back in January as to why one should sign up for “subscribing will have its benefits.” This should, at the least, give some idea of what I was talking about to begin with. And I’ll explain more as we go along over the coming weeks and months.

I just wanted to make clear: Yes, even though I am known for changing everything midstream if I believe there is good reason, sometimes jettisoning entire projects all together after much work and effort to everyone’s horror (just ask StreetCry). I just want to say this time – it’s not me. (or my fault!)

Yet – the reasons for it will make me ever-the-more determined that it won’t happen in the future. We shall see.

“Yes, It’s Time To Get Back To Work” (Originally posted on front-page January 20, 2017)

And so It begins…

Over the last year or more I’ve been trying to sort out precisely which direction I would endeavor to travel next. It’s been a very complicated, as well as confusing process.

I have lots of projects going on simultaneously such as: I wanted to release another book (e.g., The Business Of I), along with wanting to update my last one. I wanted to do more speaking, offer more seminars, do more impromptu events such as live interviews, and on, and on.

The list became so large, and the options for allotting the proper time to each became so onerous not only in the conceptualize parts, but to then hone them down so that the actual “work” can begin, followed with; completing, pricing, choosing which platform to release them on, and more. It became near exhausting before I even started. So much so, that many of the “ideas” I wanted to pursue actually became too much like “chores.” And we all know what happens once doing something you like/love becomes a chore – you unknowingly procrastinate. With the worst type being “over analyzing everything.”

Finally I decided enough was enough, and the breakthrough happened. That “breakthrough” came about during the summer of last year. The idea is something I thought about years, and years ago. And for years, I had pushed it to the sides because the timing, or platforms never seemed quite right. Then, out of the blue, it re-emerged, and here’s what that idea is…

What I wanted was a format, along with a site, which represented not only my views in a more articulated forum, but more importantly, how subscribers could access those views or ideas in one place. What I didn’t want (or at least was trying to avoid) was creating something that’s only a derivative form of what’s already out there. I believe this to be anything but.

This is truly original in nature, content, as well as groundbreaking delivery, pricing, and format.

To my knowledge no one, and I do mean precisely that, no-body is currently offering what I will be doing with MYTR, especially in the manner in which I will. Big statements to make for sure, but as many of you well know – that’s what I do. Will it work? Who knows, but that’s what being at the “tip of the spear” truly means doesn’t it?

In a nutshell MYTR will be a daily one hour based program delivered live, and hosted by yours truly. It will combine a plethora of my assorted ideas or works in a no-holds barred approach, and much more. It will focus on such issues as: The business news of the day, markets, along with my commentary, opinion, as well as pragmatic ideas on how they can, or will affect business. Along with this, I will also delve into subjects such as strategy, sales, motivation, boardroom insights, entrepreneurship. Again, and much, much more.

No politics! Except for how some form of policy may affect businesses e.g., corporate tax, tariffs, monetary policy, etc.

There will also be other video, audio, or articles added along the way with recorded seminars or teleconference type projects, to name just a few, that I would normally sell as stand alone packages. i.e, sales topics, self improvement, motivation, goal setting, etc., as I feel, or see the need fits.

This won’t be for everybody, and no – it won’t be a “free” service. Quite the contrary.

It will also be exclusive, as well as exclusionary by design. i.e., It’ll only appeal to those who want to be on the cutting edge of business, and want to be with others of the same caliber. Or put another way: It’s meant for the movers and the shakers. The one’s who are not only “in” business but rather “get” business. Whether they own one, work for one, run one, or want to start one. I intend to make this their program.

I’m creating this entirely for the person who truly wants information they can not only use, but can’t get anywhere else. Again: This is meant for business people looking for information that gives them an edge. i.e., The entrepreneur, the small business owner, the corporate CEO of the large or small, sales professional, et al.

Over the course of the next few weeks I’ll be releasing samples of precisely what the “MYTR BROADCAST” entails. But for now I wanted to make the announcement on this day.

The reasoning was (just to reiterate – it’s not based in the political) once Mr. Trump under the banner of “Make America Great Again” became the nominee, then was nominated, then won election, I thought what better timing – if – in fact, the “Make America Great Again” campaign truly gets adopted by the nation. For if it does? We’ve got a lot of work to do, And I want to be right in there with anyone else willing. And again – to be perfectly clear: Regardless of one’s political affiliation.

So when it comes to this new endeavor I’m creating many will ask: Why this model?

Because I believe in leading by example, while also believe – this will be the future model going forward for others. i.e., I can’t give advice why a business should charge for their wares – and never charge for mine. It doesn’t make sense or better still – stand up to the smell test.

I also believe in the “buy in” principle because I know it works via my own experience And, there’s no sense in giving away “million dollar” advice or insights for free – for it to only fall on deaf ears with idle hands.

Again just to make clear: MYTR will be a separate, stand alone site, and entity from this blog. As of today and going forward in the foreseeable future: Nothing changes here on MarkStCyr dot-com, both in content, postings, articles, and more.

As for MYTR, I truly believe, and will endeavor to produce a broadcast unlike anything else currently available. Both in price, as well as product.

To some it might seem expensive. To others “sticker shock” might be more appropriate. However, to those who know and understand true value? It will be seen as a bargain unavailable anywhere else. That’s the goal, only time will tell, but that’s “the bar” as they say, I’m setting, or shooting for. More details on that also as we work through the roll out.

There’s a lot too say and they’ll be more over the coming weeks, but I wanted to make this announcement, on this day, because of the U.S. presidential inauguration. Again: For if we are indeed going to “get back to work?” I wanted to be right there at the forefront because – it is business that needs to lead the way. Regardless of political leanings.

I am all about business, not politics, and what I believe is missing is precisely that: true, real, pragmatic insights, focused squarely on business. In my opinion today’s “business” shows are anything but.

Business, and more precisely: capitalism, true capitalism, is what has fueled the American Dream since its beginning. If there’s no business – there’s no jobs, no economy, no dreams, no nothing. Period. Again – regardless of your political leanings.

Trust me, I’m not the first to ever understand this principle. And for proof, here’s a quote from none other than Napoleon Hill which I keep prominent on my desk. It reads…

“It may well be that the Science of Personal Achievement will become a strong factor in neutralizing the cancerous evil known as communism, which now threatens the liberty of all mankind.” -Napoleon Hill “Grow Rich With Peace Of Mind” 1967.
Think about it.

Once again, to reiterate, the website and more are still in the works, but should be ready within a few weeks or so for roll out. In the meantime StreetCry™ will be posting samples and updates to my blog as deemed appropriate or, as they say, “ready for prime time.”

Before I end, let me also make this one announcement for the “subscribers” to this blog.

As you know I have always stated “there are benefits to being a subscriber.” I’m looking forward to making that statement more concrete over the coming weeks, so please stay tuned and make sure your current subscriber email is up to date.

So to all of you that have been with me since the beginning, or followed this blog over the years (and those who continue to subscribe) let me make very clear: Thank You! And let’s get back to business shall we? Personally, I’m all too eager and ready. I’m hoping you are too – because this mentality – ain’t gonna get it done.

© 2017 Mark St.Cyr