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Where We Are And Where We May Be Going

As I look at the broader capital “markets” this morning I’m struck by just how paused of a feeling they all seem to be exuding. Like they’re waiting for something. Well, in reality they are and the news may make or break the “markets,” literally.

Let me frame my hypothesis using the the following “picture” of the S&P 500™ via the futures. To wit:


The above is represented by 15 minute intervals of bars/candles and it possesses a few very interesting expressions for those with a technical eye, which I have.

As you can see the “markets” have pretty much followed the exact path or psychological manifestation that I said it would using the 2800 – 2600 levels calling it the “manic – depressive zone.” i.e., if the 2600 area holds they’ll be a sharp rebound to about the 2800 area where everyone will think the past is behind us and nirvana awaits, then if it can’t go higher and reverse everyone will flip and start clamoring  “the end is here!” and so on and so forth.

However, what’s now caught my eye is not only where we are now, but how languishingly it has got here followed by where it seems to be both running out of gas, as well as the level.

I highlighted on the chart what are called fibonacci levels. There’s no need for you to understand them if you don’t. All you need to understand is that I highlighted two very technical patterns and levels that have very high odds for their meaning as they’ve proved over time. These are the blue boxes and highlighted blue line on the above.

As you can se we are within a whisker of hitting the 2700 level which I show with that right side box. All of these together i.e., big level numbers, multiple fibo#’s and patterns, what’s also known as “market breath” and more lining up all at the same time is when big things usually happen. And by “big” I mean just that. i.e. the market could rocket skyward in a fashion that make Elon Musk envious. Or, could suddenly tumble in what some might equate to having the rug pulled out from under them and the floor’s gone also.

The largest factor that I believe outweighs most others is that the Fed. Chair Jerome Powell gives a speech at around noon ET that may set the stage and influence the G-20 in ways that “markets” may not wait to see what happens good or ill over the weekend.

What they may be more inclined to do is make their move now as to try and sure up any positive move as to try to close out month end positions or, pull their hands in and dump any and everything to to cut any further losses, again, to close their books for months end.

Understand, what I’m not trying to say is that “we can either go up – or we can go down” and have it both ways like so many do. What I’m alluding to is that I feel we are either going to suddenly rocket higher on any interpreted good news that has the potential to put these markets back on course for being able to tout “new highs!” Or, we have the potential for it to get really, really, really (did I say really?) ugly – real fast.

What I don’t believe is that we’re going to just ping pong back and forth in this “manic – depressive” area much longer. 

Doesn’t mean any of the above will happen, but this is what I’m looking at and what I’m concluding. As always…

We shall see.

© 2018 Mark St.Cyr


I just finished watching Mr. Powell’s speech and all I can say is I didn’t hear anything that signals what I’m currently hearing across the business/financial media via many a talking head (cough Cramer cough) professing something on the lines as “That’s it the Fed’s blinked!” and so on and so forth. (Earlier article “Where We Might…” found here)

Maybe he did and maybe he didn’t, but for those that want to know here’s what I was watching from the moments his remarks were first reported (as in released prepared text) the instant reaction to that via the headline reading HFT algorithm trades. And then the reaction during the actual testimony and after its conclusion. This is what I noticed. To wit:


The above is the S&P 500™ using one minute bars/candles. Via a technical perspective what I saw was a knee-jerk reaction to a very easily defined pattern which would infer a short covering move with a run up to the highs of the day – a wait and see what else can be inferred as the Chair spoke – then another resolving of, again, a very well defined technical pattern.

So far this final pattern seems to be resolving like one would infer which is – now resolving lower.

Doesn’t mean it will stay this way or continue, what I am saying is that I didn’t hear anything like ” a soothing cooing of dovish nature” as what seems to be what everyone else is trying to imply. 

Yes, the market rocket higher, but higher – not like some blast off that one would conclude should have happened if the “Fed. blinked” as is being portrayed.

As always we shall see, but at least we have something to watch for clues. i.e., follow through to the promised land from here. Or – a failing and retracing into the G-20.

Just sitting and waiting here at these levels is not a vote of confidence for “the coast is all clear” in my view. From my perspective it all seems nothing more than a technical reaction. And if I’m correct, then these calls of “blinking” are going to find out what the term “It’s all fun and games till someone loses an eye” means in the front-running “blinking” narrative.

As always, we shall see.

© 2018 Mark St.Cyr

Addendum to the addendum:

The only reason for this update is because I feel it’s important. (Earlier Addendum is here)

As I’ve watched and read many a prognostication on the so-called “understandings” made in reference to the Fed. Chair’s latest speech I thought I’d follow up with what I’m looking at currently with the recent move now fully expressed for the day. Here’s two charts that are updated versions of what I showed earlier. The first is the futures. To wit:


As one can see the move broke right through my original observations. However, where it stopped, or fizzled out as some might say, is also of interest.

As I noted the area notated as “no man’s land” represents nothing more than that. i.e., it means nothing unless the market breaks above with some real follow through.

On the other hand, not breaking through or not traversing higher into that realm says far more should it not. The reasoning is simple:

If Mr.Powell or as some commentators are now expressing i.e., “blinked” then there is no reason for this market not to pile onto this already hearty move. For if they don’t, what it shows more than anything is that my hypothesis of nothing more than another version of Month-end window-dressing has taken place on the back of an event that was used for a catalyst and has now run its course.

Who knows? No one one does. All one can do is watch for clues, but at least you now have something to watch for and make your own judgements in the overnight and before the open.

As far as what is called the “cash” or normal markets everyone thinks of when thinking about them here’s an updated version of the same one I posted prior for that, with an additional notation. It pretty much speaks for itself, even for the non-technical watcher, again, to wit:

So there you have it, what may come no one knows, but at least here’s some frame work to go by, for as always…

We shall see.

© 2018 Mark St.Cyr

For Those Wanting To Know

I received a note that there were a great many inquiries about either what I mean, or what’s with the “picture” reference all the time when talking about charts.

It’s understandable, because there are many new readers arriving consistently. So for those who want a clarification this is why…

Years back when I was expressing my opinions of what I felt was heading directly into the heart of what is known as “Silicon Valley.” There was a very well known commentator across the financial/business shows that decided to openly mock both me, my premise, as well as where they read one of my articles. They did this via Twitter.

I didn’t know this was taking place until someone sent me the following screen shot. To wit:

Photo credit: Screenshot publicly viewed Twitter™ Feed.

As you can see by reading the twitter-twaddle above everyone seemed to be having a grand-ole-time at both my and Zero Hedge™ expense professing for anyone else reading as to infer how “smart” they were.

The “picture” comment I knew was the back handed slight from a holier-than-thou type opinion holder. That’s why I use it, because as it turns out everything in that article they were mocking has not only come true, but is unfolding with even more devastating consequences.

The other thing that seems to have happened is I no longer see as many “Silicon Valley” aficionados of this era paraded across the media as I did when this was all taking place. I wonder why?

More than likely just scheduling conflicts I’m sure.

Sure, let’s go with that one, shall we? 

So there you go.

© 2018 Mark St.Cyr

Who’da Thunk It

There has been no one across the global financial/business media that has dared make the arguments that I have when it comes to Apple™.

There have been even fewer that have been published and on the record citing those views and explaining why. Again, across the global media.

So it’s in that spirt I offer the following, because the showing of the following “picture” as it’s called by Silicon Valley aficionados, was once considered pure idiocy. To wit:


And as I type this Apple is now worth less via its market cap – than Microsoft.

Again, here’s just some of my thoughts as reported by Market Watch™ way back in 2014. To wit:

From the afore referenced article, again, this was 2014. To wit:

The call of the day: And with the potential move to buy Beats, Apple could very well take the final step in its (d)evolution into Microsoft. That’s pretty much how Mark St. Cyr sees it. Of course, he’s not the only one piling on such a purchase. Music critic Bob Lefsetz calls Tim Cook a clueless operations guy. But St. Cyr takes it a step forward by comparing Apple to the lumbering software giant. In a “complete and utter cave-in to Wall Street,” Apple’s latest report wasn’t consumer-products based; rather, it was designed to play Wall Street’s game, he says.

“Dividends, debt, splits, and more,” he said. “I don’t think the iPhone has added as many new features at once as the new features released in Apple the stock.” That’s how Microsoft does it, said St. Cyr as he waxed on about the Apple you knew is no longer. “I hope I’m wrong, but the actions are beginning to not only speak for themselves – they’re screaming.”

Shawn Langlois/MarketWatch

And here we are. Imagine that. Who’d a thunk it?

© 2018 Mark St.Cyr

Did Warren Buffett Break His Own Rules And Become An “Idiot?”

Warren Buffett is heralded across finance and business as the “smartest investor” of our lifetime. It’s a fair moniker given his track record for not only making solid investments in solid companies and management, but also what has seemed to be a bedrock of guidance and intuition via two of his most publicized maxims.

When it comes to money:

Rule No. 1: Never lose money. Rule No. 2: Never forget rule No.1.

When it comes to such things as product or business cycles:

The Three I’s: First come the innovators. Then come the imitators. And then come the idiots.

If one fully understands the overarching discipline and observational prowess that’s required to implement these in one’s business or financial life, it’s fair to say they may be the only two you’ll need. For if one incorporates them behind the golden rule of “Do unto others…” you have a very powerful trio based on simple principles for life and business that few can match when implemented. The only issue?

Just because one is far closer to the end, rather than the beginning, doesn’t mean there’s any accumulated protection for violating them. i.e., retribution is doled out the same for newbies, as well as the seasoned.

I believe Mr. Buffett is finding this out in spades.

2018 is turning out to be a year that has shocked most of the so-called “smart crowd” when it comes to both business and financial matters. For some it has not only shocked, but rather, has cut extensive lacerations going well past the point of skin deep superficial profits and lacerating arteries which are hemorrhaging principal.

At issue is this: It may only be the beginning. A beginning that people such as Mr. Buffett should have seen coming a mile away, for he is also known for not following the crowd and participating in what we all know as “bubbles.”

More importantly he is also well known, as well as self-professed, as someone who doesn’t invest in things he doesn’t know or can’t figure out.

Both tech and brokerage houses used to be places he would not fare, along with eschewing the idea that stock buybacks were a good idea. This allowed him to basically sidestep the entire dot-com crash, as well as much of the financial crash of ’08.

However, since then, he has not only dipped-his-toes as the saying goes, but rather, has dived right in body surfing with a merry cast of others on giant waves of Fed. produced liquidity.

Now, the waves are no more. Yet, what’s rather revealing this time is as the waves have vanished and the tide is receding it’s that other idiom Mr. Buffett is known for e.g., “You don’t know who’s swimming naked till the tide goes out.” that seems to be proving far more embarrassing.

It appears none other than Mr. Buffett himself has been caught swimming “naked.” (“naked” as in doing the same as the crowd, rather than his once investment prowess dictated)

And no one (especially Buffett devotees) wants to see an octogenarian “naked” regardless of their wealth or stature. And it will have a scarring affect. The reasoning is simple, and the example goes something like this:

“If Mr. Buffett bought into believing this was all real – what does this say about my investment allocations?”

This is how the psychology of the “market” can go from BTFD (buy the f’n dip) to sell everything overnight. i.e., “If Buffett can become an “idiot” what does that say about…” Are you seeing my point in the bigger picture here?

However, it may also explain the how or why when it comes to the perplexing motives behind one of America’s most prominent investing figures for suddenly contradicting his once proven maxims and violating them believing there would be no consequence. Again, the reasoning is simple:

This decade has been unlike any other in the world’s history. Never before have central banks not just openly intervened in markets, but also are now lauded and encouraged. 

This was once seen whenever it was brought up as “tin foil wearing nut job conspiracy type thinking” by Ph.d’s everywhere. Today?

It’s now taught in those same Ivy League schools as “prudent monetary policy.”

It appears Mr. Buffett has also bought into this as a “no-brainer” that it will/would go on forever. Or, said differently: He forgot the Fed et al. may create waves (i.e., “bubbles”), but the movements of the business cycle (i.e., tide) can be held back by no one.

It would also appear it is he that is now caught in a very dangerous riptide. An effect that he as a very experienced investor should have anticipated and stayed clear of. i.e., remaining on “the beach.”

For those that may need a bit of history (as in most of Wall Street’s “best and brightest” along with most 35 year olds and younger) Mr. Buffett retained his wealth while also deploying much of the same by not being sucked into two of the most explosive bubbles of the last 20 years. The first was the dot-com. And, of course, the second being the financial crisis of ’08.

He did this via two ways (over generalizations but not by much):

First:  He refused to invest in the tech space during its mania because, as he stated many times, he just didn’t get the business models. In the second he sidestepped much of the financial crisis because, much like the tech space of ’08, he stayed clear of the investment houses or brokerages. The reasoning? Hint: it sounded quite a lot like the first.

Yet, it was in the early aftermath of the financial crisis (or during, depending on perspective) that there was great fanfare publicized where Warren Buffett was to invest $5Billion in Goldman Sachs™. The reasoning was obvious: if you had “The Oracle of Omaha” investing in one of his most disliked sectors (e.g.,Wall Street) this would help the psychology of the market to possibly believe a bottom was at hand.

It seemed to work, for a while that is.

Actually, it needed to work, because Mr. Buffett was also partaking in (once again) something he once held up as “financial weapons of mass destruction” e.g., derivatives. Theoretically he was on the line for some $14Billion+ in losses.

But we all know what happened next don’t we? Enter: Congress with a $700Billion bailout package only to be backed stopped when it was shown not to be enough via one Mr. Ben “I have a printing press and I’m not afraid to use it” Bernanke.

And use it he did to the tune of $Trillions!

It should also be pointed out that it was precisely here, in the early stages of what is now known as QE (quantitative easing), that Mr. Buffett announced that he was breaking another of his “rules” and began a spree of buybacks of not only his own company, but seemed to be like a-moth-to-a-flame to any company that had cash-pile big enough (or credit line deep enough)  to engage in the buy-back mania of the past decade. Hint: IBM™.

This left many scratching their heads, that is, till we all found out last year that possibly the greatest inside information leak of the decade which resulted in a Fed. president suddenly resigning and needing to retire after it was found during an investigation that he had leaked information in 2012 about the Fed’s policy views for economic stimulus. i.e., The printing press was to remain printing till the cows came home or, the bulls reached nirvana. 

This in retrospect helps one understand, or possibly conclude, the reasoning behind what history will prove as the greatest malfeasance of corporate resources (i.e., cash or credit lines) to do what used to be something Mr. Buffett would vehemently argue against. e.g., stock buy backs.

Again, arguing against it was always the case Mr. Buffett himself would argue, that is until Mr. Bernanke made it extremely clear in Jackson Hole 2010 that his assertions to the “printing press” were bankable – literally.

Are you seeing a pattern here?

However, it would seem that “pattern” has now become a very expensive “should have known better” liability.

Not only has everything Mr. Buffett once eschewed become his now go-to investing model, but he seems to have accelerated it at the very worst of times.

It would seem Warren Buffett is finding out just how deep in the proverbial sea of central bank illusion he himself has been swimming.

In 2018 Mr. Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway™ has not only bought back more shares of its own stock, but loaded up its position in not only tech (e.g., Apple) but Wall Street (e.g., Goldman) where all three are now well within the family of “buy back” leaders.

Coincidentally, precisely at a time that the Fed. has decided that QT (quantitate tightening) and raising rates would not only indeed continue, but that QT was in-fact going to be allowed to accelerate.

The resulting market mayhem shows the initial reaction. Key word “initial.”

So let’s take a step back here and look at the evidence for insight, if you will, and see if there’s anything we can garner out of any of the above, shall we?

Before the Federal Reserve (or all central banks for that matter) Mr. Buffett adheres to a set of rules or maxims that seem to be very well founded and produce great wealth for him and investors for decades.

Then, once the Fed et al. enter and completely adulterate, if not outright pervert the markets to such a degree that they now need to be classified when speaking as “markets.” Mr. Buffett apparently abandoned all his rules.

Rules by the way, that once guided him and rewarded his followers.

It now appears they’re all caught not just in a waning tide, but an outright riptide begrudgingly exposing that possibility that Mr. Buffett may have lost his own “trunks.” A “suit” by-the-way, which was once seen as his “suit of armor” of investing prowess.

Again, it seems those same followers or devotees following the much lauded “Buffett way” are themselves in concert if not swimming, but rather, are stampeding right off the proverbial cliff putting the leaders of tech into a Bear Market at best, or exercise in knife catching at worst.

The only thing that could make matters worse for Mr. Buffett’s once unassailable investing prowess is if he didn’t lighten up when the Fed. was publicly telegraphing all year that it was indeed sticking to its plan of raising rates and QT cycle for acceleration.

Oh, that’s right, he didn’t lighten up. He doubled down and invested even more in all the exact things he once so vehemently eschewed.

I’ll let you conclude for yourself from here.

© 2018 Mark St.Cyr

Running Through The Tape

I just received a note from a colleague who wanted to share with me Bitcoin™ latest happenings in regards to my latest article. Hint: If you’re a HOLD (holding on for dear lifer) you should probably stop reading here.

For those that have not read my previous musings the gist of it was, basically, that of all the so-called “experts” opining, telling-and-selling the whole Bitcoin phenom of road-to-riches surety, that is was yours truly that seems to have been the only one to accurately set a price target way back in February of this year during the height of the mania, and most importantly – had it come to fruition.

The reason for this follow up is simple: I have been here before, making calls which at the time seemed beyond impossible, only to have my prediction fulfilled. The IPO craze is just one that comes to mind, where I’ve had people say “But you’re wrong! The IPO market is still booming!!” Well, it is and it isn’t. It’s booming with mediocre, late stage, low value plays, which tells one all one should need to know.

The only people that still think IPO’s are “booming” are people who either: don’t understand numbers; are still holding out hope their dreams will come true when the call comes to appear on Shark Tank®; still believe Jim Cramer is an investing genius. Or, quite possibly the worst of all three i.e., they still believe all three.

So, it is in that light I don’t want to be seen by any, or told by the same, my target really wasn’t hit because it actually didn’t trade that price. So it’s for this crowd, because I know you’re out there, I leave you with my version of “running through the tape” to use the old track and field rule as to remain outside the“celebrating too early” club. To wit:


© 2018 Mark St.Cyr

A Question That Stunned The Global News

In October of last year I dared ask the following question, “Are Tim Cook’s Days As CEO Numbered?”

This question, along with my reasoning, caused quite a stir across many of the world’s largest media outlets such as The Drudge Report™ and more. Just the thought that there was anything negative to imply about Apple™ and its now dominant force of a CEO Tim Cook was seen as not only fool-hearted, but also “just plain nuts!”

My reasoning was simple: If anything happened to the only product that he has cultivated more than any other under his tutelage e.g., Apple-the-stock, his days as CEO would be severely at risk. For other than Apple-the-stock he was doing nothing more (my conjecture) than occupying a new set of digs aka “Apple Park” believing the HVAC system was still recirculating rarefied air, but I argued it had long since turned into exhaust fumes.

Apple, the company of product innovation and design excellence was gone. And the proof was in the product – or lack of – may be a better example.

Then, on Nov, 1 during the latest quarterly report Mr. Cook decided to mess with the only thing the “markets” were holding in him for value: Apple-the-stock.

The resulting backlash has been so fierce in knee-jerk response that it dwarfs the awkward moment Jobs put Bill Gates face up on the big screen during a conference announcing a partnership.

Below is a chart showing the damage so far, the issue for Mr. Cook is that this may only be a start to even further pain. To wit:


If the current technical levels that are easily discernible which even a novice chartist can see be reached? (I’ve” highlighted and notated them for those that aren’t), I will just ask the same question I did one year ago that no one ever thought possible. That question?

See the opening paragraph.

© 2018 Mark St.Cyr

The Tale Of The Tape Says It All

Back at the beginning of this year (2018) one would be hard-pressed to not encounter the marketing materials or the fawning media interviews and reports of that day’s cryptocurrency and in particular Bitcoin “genius.”

People like James Altucher, Thomas Lee, Tim Draper, John McAfee, Teeka Tiwari, _____________(fill in your own “genius” of choice here) were telling anyone that would listen (and more importantly anyone that would buy their schtick) that Bitcoin was poised to end the year anywhere from $25,000 to $100’s of thousands, with the elusive “Who knows maybe a $Million!” dangled as if, if not this year, next year was surely possible. Hint: it isn’t working out as told and sold.

As the year rolled on it became patently obvious (that is, to those with any business acumen or sanity) that the prognostications foretold for retirement riches and easy money were not going to be fulfilled. However, that didn’t change their evangelizing. Well, maybe just a little bit.

Mr. Altucher? His whole bit went up in smoke much like I would assume the real $’s that he vacuumed out of the starry-eyed devotees that purchased his “retirement advice.” However, ever the consummate snake oil purveyor, he switch mid stream and went right into offering investing advice in pot. How’s that working out, one may ask? Good question, see “up in smoke” reference above for clues. 

When it comes to the others they have not backed off their claims for riches this year even though the price of Bitcoin has fallen from its highs in December of 75% or, said differently: lost 3/4’s of its value and looks to lose even more.

Thomas Lee recently (as in about a week ago) lowered his year end target from his once lofty $25K to $15K. The others? Let’s just say I believe its too ridiculous to even bother to reference. But have no fear – they are still as adamant about their year end price targets as any snake oil salesman is in their product claims. Just read the fine print if you don’t believe them. That is if there is any.

The difference between myself and most so-called “gurus” is that I make my argument, document what I’ve said, the reasoning why, then let the chips fall as they will. Of course I am not always right. However, with that said, I have been far more correct (and accurate) in calling some of the largest macro economic and financial related topics across the globe, as well as business, not to mention my predictions on IPO’s, social media and Silicon Valley.

So it is in that light I would like to present what should be the last piece of evidence showing exactly who was the “expert” and who was not. To wit:

The above chart was just one of the many I presented back in February. And for those that care to remember (and those who would like to forget it all, you have my condolences) this was at the height of the Bitcoin craze.

You pretty much could not watch, read or listen to a mainstream business/financial outlet without being bombarded with guest after guest for “crypto-genius.” The above mentioned were in the heaviest of rotation, so heavy it would make a Top 40 pop-star envious. And when it came to retirement advice via the “crypto-genius?” His ads were more frequent than a politicians on election day. You could not get away from them.

So the obvious question is: “Who was proven correct?” Hint: it would appear none of the above. And when it comes to calling out a “target price?”  Let’s just say using the most downwardly revised figure of one of the media’s incessant darling for appearance e.g., Thomas Lee, we seem to remain quite a loooooong way away.

There’s only one true way to tell, and that’s with a chart of where Bitcoin now resides. To wit:


The above is Bitcoin as of this writing. So far it has rebounded off its earlier lows of around $4142.45 earlier this a.m. And for those who like to always find fault (as in the HODL crowd) in such things as ” You don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re not even smart enough to use a real Bitcoin chart!” Fair enough – so here you go. To wit:


So, using the above “pictures” as evidence there seems to be only one conclusion: Of all the “geniuses” the only one that precisely predicted not only Bitcoin’s year end target value correctly, but did it during its most boisterous manic stage. A stage what will surely go down in history as one of the greatest examples of speculative manias the world has ever seen.

Again, the correct one is the only one that eschewed the terms like “genius” or “guru” or any other such moniker. I only used…

Common sense backed with business acumen.

© 2018 Mark St.Cyr

What Does It Say…

It’s been a crazy month, but “crazy is as crazy does” as the old saying goes. So it’s in that vein I would like you to look at the latest “picture” of Silicon Valley’s once “no brainer” stock valuations and try not to allow the nagging voice of “That’s just nuts!” to enter your mind. To wit:


If you’ve ever been told/sold that the “markets” are based on “fundamentals” all I’ll say is the following…

In what world of investing fundamentals does the most speculative, as well as under fire via regulatory agencies, share holders, __________(fill in the blank) appear to be the most stable via a monthly view, as the entire market is devolving into a panic where the most profitable and largest company ever seen in history now is in a Bear Market?

Right, not nuts – insane!

© 2018 Mark St.Cyr


(For those who say I just don’t get it…get this)

I need to take you back to January of this year using what’s called by Silicon Valley aficionados a “picture.” To wit:


Here’s what I wrote in reference to what I deemed Bitcoin’s $20K dilemma, but also what I called out as completely deplorable behavior by someone who is being touted on a global media outlet as an “expert.” Because, after all, the program along with its parent company are supposedly offering up advice that is of the highest quality and caliber – along with “actionable.”

From my article. To wit:

Have you heard about Bitcoin™ today? My guess is, if you’re having any experience such as mine, that is now a 50-50 proposition, depending on what day of the week it is.

An example of this, I’ll assume, goes something like this, again, based on my own non scientific results:

  • If Bitcoin is rising in price by double-digit percentages? The phone, email, or face-to-face questioning from friends and family goes from casual, or almost disinterested conversation. To demanding inquiries – even from total strangers I may pass in the street.
  • On the other hand; if Bitcoin is falling (again) by double-digits? __________________(insert crickets here.)

And here’s that “deplorable” part, again, to wit:

This type of behavior was (once again) prominently displayed on (once agin) none other than CNBC.

Yet, it seems to have taken on an even more harsh tone than ever before. I would assume it comes from the resulting issue that all those “investors” that were all but assured of even further riches – are now calling, wondering how in the world they could suddenly be so far underwater when all the so-called “experts” exuded assurances that this was all but “a sure thing.” i.e. BTFD’s (buy the F’n dips)

Last week this type of derogatory, no better ammo to counter a thesis than to throw out insults, was (once again) on full display on CNBC’s, Fast Money® program, where one of the panel members decided the best way to deal with any nay sayers was to lob a volley of nothing more than sophomoric insults.

The resulting “informative” information to bolster against anything that may claim Bitcoin may indeed be in for more trouble was met with panelist Dan Nathan berating the guest (Evercore™ ISI technician, Rick Ross) with such words of investing prowess as alluding to technical analysis as “his stick” I believe it was “schtick” but that just me.

Yet, it was his verbal coup de grâce of investing retorts that delivered all one needs to know about what’s currently taking place within the entire crypto arena. That retort? “…so go piss off, seriously.”

Ah yes, the fundamental sign (for those who want to see) that shows just how vacant the entire “get rich quick with Bitcoin” fallacy has fallen, and quickly.

Said differently: When the best argument for one’s position is nothing more than a vulgar insult, delivered meaningfully, and almost menacing in posture? On camera? Hint: That shows just how much that $20,000 high water mark is now a problem, and a very real problem at that. For the longer it doesn’t recoup back to its former highs? The more problems the entire crypto area is going to feel. Especially for those who were supposedly seen prior as “the experts.” i.e., I’d be on the lookout for the necessary bleeping of F-bombs for more clues into what’s currently taking place, than most or any the analysis I’ve heard. But that’s just me.

So how has all that “piss off” brilliance worked out? Well, let’s look at the most recent “picture” to be included into the Bitcoin family album, shall we? To wit:

But then again as I’m told so many times…

What do I know.

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