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Because It Needs To Be Said…

This moment of insanity is brought to you by TSLA. For those of you “new kids” not being hip. That would be Tesla™. Yes, the same cars you’re reading about crashing, spontaneously catching fire, ____________(fill in your own here.)

But just like they used to say in days-of-old when all those great saying in Latin terms were being memorized to be memorialized. Let’s use one a bit more modern, but still is of the “dated” variety from pop-culture.

This goes out to everyone that now have to further justify it’s valuation. You know, why it’s now the most valuable car company ever in the U.S. and why. (Not a joke!)

Right now, you’re “cruisin'” in other words, your investment prowess is just as deep as Tom’s line. This is precisely what investing has morphed into. All I’ll finish with is: best of luck with that, honest.

To wit:

(Chart Source)

And speaking of “Make Your Move.” Again, to wit:

Again, best of luck with all that.

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