Charter Member Update

This is a special update notice to all current Charter Members to the MYTR Broadcast™.

We are pleased to announce that when your current membership ends in the coming weeks all you’ll need to do when prompted is re-up for another year and you’re in, just as you were prior. No credit card needed, no additional forms, no nothing.

And yes: Completely free of charge. That’s part of the benefit for being one, and thank you.

If you experience any issues just let us know through the support link in your account settings and we’ll find the issue and handle it.

All other subscribers have had their accounts updated internally as promised by Mark. And again to all of you, thank you.

We too are all looking forward to the relaunch as many of you. See you then!

~The Team at Media Partners

We Are Once Again Revamping

Hello all!

Please be aware there will be some extensive site changes and adjustments made to both the back-end as well as front. You may also receive some emails that are for testing purposes which can not be done properly unless they are live. So please bear with us for sending out a few as we test. They’ll say directly in the subject line “TESTING”. If you read this feel free to just delete immediately regardless of content.

Remember, it needs to say “TESTING” in the subject line. Anything else is content for your consumption.

If for some reason at any time the site appears quirky or even missing over the weekend, just check back later on.

Thanks and have a great holiday!

Free Access

From now until Easter Sunday access to the groundbreaking MYTR Broadcast™ is FREE. No sign up needed, no special terms or special conditions (other than our blanket Terms and Conditions for use *found here* or at the bottom of this site). Consider it a gesture of goodwill in this turbulent time for business. Feel free to share, just don’t spam!

Just click on the banner below…