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Another ‘Where Are We Now’ Update

For those that have been following my observations and commentary over these weeks, I present the “where we are now” picture below. To wit:

(Chart Source)

The above is a chart of the S&P 500™ futures as I type this. I have pared it down showing just the most pertinent facts/observations from my perspective. All levels, lines, bar/candle time frames and others are the same, just a more simplified view with a few annotations.

As you can clearly see the running hypothesis I’ve been articulating these many weeks appears to be playing out as argued, where we have now reached what I would deem – a critical juncture. It is notated on said chart.

For those wanting to see all prior you can start by going here.

As always, we shall see.

© 2019 Mark St.Cyr

Uber’s IPO: It’s Different This Time’s Thelma & Louise Moment

The most anticipated IPO (initial public offering) of the “It’s Different This Time” era made its debut this past Friday. First came the prancing on the famed paddock or “viewing area” known as the mainstream business/financial media.

Then it anxiously entered the starting gates, the “gun” was fired, signalling the most anticipated race had indeed begun as the “Unicorn of Unicorns'” emblazoned with its ticker symbol UBER leaped from the gates – where it proceeded to limp, stumble, then, basically needed to call an Uber to try and at least get it over the finish line. Which was, for all intents and purposes, get a sale at or above the IPO offer level of $45. Hint: it didn’t.

It would seem the “hailed pick-up” (aka underwriter support) then ran out of gas and needed to call itself a tow-truck to then sheepishly drag itself off the field, where it closed (or was put out of its misery?) not only below its IPO low range, but worse, below its $42 opening bid.

The reason why that too is a real issue, is this: as far as the “low range” of the initially anticipated trading area is concerned? Not only did it never make it? (e.g., $45) It closed at the bottom end of that days entire trading range. (e.g., $41.57)

Can you say “Uh oh?”

For those that would rather say it in a more business friendly manner, let me give you a few of the words used to explain it via the many so-called “smart crowd” paraded across most mainstream business/financial media outlets. You know, the ones that have been talking (and hyping) up this mythical business creation since its founding. Here’s just a few. To wit:

  • “This is a train-wreck!”
  • “How did the bankers get this so wrong?!”
  • “If they can’t get it to $46? It’s the end of the unicorn era!”

Ah yes, “the end” was my personal favorite. The reason for that? It’s been over for quite a long time. The only ones that seemed to not know are those that are supposed to be “the experts.”

So I ask again, as always: Is it any wonder why these outlets are losing viewers as fast, if not faster, than these unicorns burn cash? But I digress.

It’s not like no-one couldn’t see this latest disaster manifesting from miles away. As a matter of fact, I have been articulating the argument that this was precisely what would manifest as the Federal Reserve pivoted away from running the monetary spigots at full blast.

The warning signs were all there for those that believed reality does have a way of catching up. For those that still believe in unicorn business models? All I can say is: Good luck with that, you’re going to need it, lots of it.

Back in 2017 I made an observation and call which, once again, carried the usual derision, name calling and more via the Silicon Valley aficionado set, which amounted to nothing more than (the usual) petulant name-calling or holier-than-thou stance to have dared insult their childlike, fantasy styled business dreams for riches. Or, for some, their self-anointed Silicon Valley “influencer” status of everything fairy-tailed, void of viable business models or metrics just making sh#t up and hoped suckers people bought it.

Here’s what I said in April of 2017 concerning Uber. To wit:

…there is something just as closely being watched and the implications for what many (especially myself) would deem as a possible extinction level event is playing out right here in the U.S. Although, this one does not involve anything pertaining to military.
No, this one is the current nearly unstoppable “chain reaction” type event happening in the once unfathomable business unicorn known as Uber™. This slow motion train wreck of what was once The unicorn of all unicorns in the current stable seems to be not only imploding – its once argued defense shield worthy of DARPA against any and all criticism seems to not only have been assailed, but appears to be all but destroyed by Uber itself with the latest headline that its head of communications (i.e., PR) Rachel Whetstone has now joined the growing list of high level executives to “dive out the door” of this still moving investment vehicle.

Regardless of the reasons, or innuendos circling about with this latest staff change, one element is undeniable, and it is this:

When a company’s head “PR” person quits smack dab in the middle of what can only be recounted as one of the most disastrous yearly beginnings in Uber’s short history (i.e., scandals, senior management leaving, CEO melt down caught on video with a driver, and more) and that company just so happens to be the most valuable start-up (e.g. a unicorn said to be worth some $68 BILLION), while also claiming the title of “disruptor of the disrupters”, and, is a cash burn machine with no concrete date for IPO? It’s the equivalent of a harnessed team of (e.g., all of The Valley’s) unicorns running smack dab, and full stride – into a concrete abutment. The resulting carnage will be legend.

Unicorns Watch In Horror As Uber Careens Towards Extinction Event: A Down Round

So now that this “horse is out the gate” as the old saying goes. It’s not too hard to see where this race seems to be heading for its official ending. Hint: Thelma and Louise.

Uber seems to now have cemented that moment in history as Pets-dot-com did at the end of the last “businesses don’t need to make money – all they need is a fairy-tale narrative” era known as the Dot-Com’s” (aka dot-cons)

Does it have a chance for redemption? Sure, anything is possible, but with the Fed and other central banks no longer as free with the free-money as they once were, it’s highly questionable.

I would say the next big investment opportunity that’s about to hit Silicon Valley is the same one I alluded to way back in 2015, when this all began. (i.e., meaning the slow rolling demise of IPO’s and more)

“What’s that?” you ask. “Is it crypto related? Maybe cannabis? Or maybe some new fangled (which is actually old) way to make meat from plants? Or maybe it’s some new tech gadget that some guru is pitching that will make up for all the lost retirement revenue his ideas have already wasted? Because there really is a lot of catching up to do to cover those losses!”

No, it’s none of those, but it may have something in common with them which I gave in 2015. To wit:

“‘Crying Towels’: Silicon Valley’s Next Big Investment Op”

The only caveat I’d add today is this: if I were looking to take advantage of this idea, I’d hurry up and get whatever stockpile you can. For the reasoning is simple:

How do you think those that skipped this latest IPO bonanza are going to feel when their “unicorn” of choice hits the gate? aka WeWork, or is it The We Company™? I can’t keep up anymore.

I mean with more of these once deemed “sure bets” hitting the tape, all one can conclude, is there seems to be a constant demand for only one – and that “one” doesn’t seem to have a ticker symbol. So with that in mind, here’s an idea to add even further value, free of charge…

Have those ‘crying towels’ monogrammed with your ticker symbol of choice to mark the occasion. After all, I believe the sock-puppet mascot of the prior crash is still a valuable collectors item. Or was that Beanie-Babies®?

Well, it’s all the same thing, right?

© 2019 Mark St.Cyr

A Moment Of Perspective

As I type this the entirety of the media is focused on bringing stories of how the President is only focused on the “markets” and will do anything to “make a deal – any deal” as to not allow them to slip ever-the-further downward.

The implication of this is, of course, that the Chinese negotiators have all the power.

So with that in mind let me ask you to consider another, using what Silicon Valley likes to call a “picture.” Because if a picture says a thousand words – than a chart can show Trillions of potential losses. To wit:

(Chart Source)

The above chart is of the Shanghai Index, which for comparative purposes, is the Chinese version of our S&P 500™. The candle/bars are representing monthly movements and the time frame is from the year 1991 to the present. So, in theory, what you have is complete representation of China’s market and manufacturing assent that culminated from the time since Nixon went to China (e.g., 1972).

The reason why the above is important, from a technical perspective, is that they (China) are dangerously close to breaking major support levels. And these levels are far closer, and have far more relative meaning to their markets than the U.S., i.e., Let’s say using for example a U.S. market rout dropping or going back to 2016 levels, just for a comparative note.

Should the first support level I highlighted be broken and the upper shaded area be entered? I believe that a market rout, the likes that will shake the politburo to its core, may be on deck. And yes, this will reverberate and have major consequences across global markets. But I believe China will be the far greater recipient of any of said “hurt.” (I would also look for initial signs of panic such as large moves in currency devaluations and more.)

Should this happen and the second support level or trend line be violated and that lower or second shaded area be entered in any way shape manner or form? The potential for not just a Chinese, but a major global market melt down could be at hand.

Please note (for it’s a pretty big point): There is NO tertiary or third line – only two.

The reason why that’s important is this: it implies (or signals) there’s no other forewarning type line to watch for like there are in so many other cases. i.e., Your first line to cross is a causation event – not a cause to watch for further clues.

Remember, this is all my conjecture, for there is no Holy Grail. However, with that said, from a technical perspective, it’s pretty textbook for calling attention where attention should be paid.

As always, we shall see.

© 2019 Mark St.Cyr

Where Are We Now Update

For those that have been following my ongoing interpretations of the “markets” latest move via my technical eye, here is the latest which seems to be making all prior interpretations valid. To wit:

(Chart Source)

The above is the S&P 500™ futures as of this writing. The chart is using the same lines, one hour bar/candles and shaded areas from the prior observations. All I’ve done is elongate them to fit the current time fame, but the levels are the same.

As you can see the “market” never entered into that top area I argued was key for more continuation to higher highs bias, and what has happened, we have re-entered the area that should denote extreme caution, where the prospects of falling lower, much lower and quickly, are firmly back on the table.

As always, we shall see.

© 2019 Mark St.Cyr

Bitcoin: Wake Me at $20K

“Have you heard the news? Bitcoin™ has been on a tear!” That’s usually how many a conversation started when I spoke to anyone over the last few weeks. It would appear, once again, that the coin-of-the-realm in regards to the retirement road-to-riches is, once again, Bitcoin.

Here has been my own coin-of-the-realm response to such nonsense: Who freaking cares.

Now I know there are a lot of you reading right now that believe almost to a fault the entire Bitcoin narrative. After all, there was a time on CNBC™ saying anything against it would get you vilified and insulted on camera. But that was when it was in-and-around $20K.

Now since it went from one two handle ($20K) to almost sporting it again, only for $2K, even the retire with bitcoin guru (my conjecture) snake-oil purveyor James Altucher (harsh, yes, but that’s my opinion, your mileage may vary) seems to have moved on, and on, and on again to where you’re beginning to need a scorecard to keep track of his latest offerings, but I digress.

For those now thinking “Well who are you, or what gives you the right to comment?” Here’s what does: I was one of the only one’s giving a year-end target price for Bitcoin of in-and-around $4K. And was correct.

All the other “gurus” like Tom Lee, Tim Draper, and on, and on were calling for $50K and higher. Remember, this was in February of that year and some were even calling for six-figured prices. And were wrong.

Again, not just wrong, but rather – stunningly, amazingly, stupendously, seemed not to have any clue about what they were talking about, wrong. And these were the so-called “experts” paraded across the media.

“So why the ‘wake me’ in the headline? Is it because I think it’s going there?” some are asking with bated breath. Here’s why: Just to watch the reaction.

Personally, I like a good joke and like to laugh. So when (or if) it ever were to do it, I would find it laughable watching those that have have crawled back under their rocks to re-emerge and profess how they were right all along. Hint: they wouldn’t be and here’s why.

If you bought Bitcoin during the manic phase when all these “gurus” were telling and selling you how to retire and get rich. Even if it tripled from its current level – you would more than likely still be in a losing position, maybe, at best, you would be at break even.

Think about that very carefully, for that’s where the salt-in-the-would of portfolios everywhere truly meets the scathing rub. The reason for it is simple: It’s math – not narrative. And all that’s being told and sold currently is about as ephemeral as the profit in a debut IPO.

Sorry, too soon?

However, the above just happens to be the perfect segue into why I feel there has been a rise in Bitcoin that no one else seems to be contemplating.

Let me put it in the form of a question and see if you can see where I’m going, ready? Or maybe I’ll form it the way one of my favorite Batman® characters, The Riddler (Frank Gorshin) would. e.g., “Riddle me this!”

“What mythical creature can be bought and sold that allows another of similar status to bought and sold with other peoples money real money, yet, neither was real to begin with and both are creations that only live in the ether?”

Answer: Use some of the scam profits of an IPO and put some to work into Bitcoin to start another “buzz” so the naive will think “This is it!” again and you can unlock (i.e., sell) some of your pre-mania Bitcoin profits at a higher levels.

If you look at when Bitcoin took off recently (actually resuscitated is probably a better term) it is almost to the day when the IPO slaughter sales began hitting the tape. And now that they’ve slowed? So too has Bitcoin.

Coincidence? All misplaced conjecture? Sure, why not. But it’s far more of a probability to explain what is currently going on than what I’ve heard professed elsewhere. Why?

Because it makes sense, and using the principle of Occam’s Razor it fits even better. For Bitcoin (Bitcoin – not the entirety or the idea of cryptos’ in general) is, in my humble opinion, nothing more than a scam gauge, or bet, on the devotion to the space. And that space is currently as healthy as a Uber™ IPO. i.e., Better hope the hype remains.

To reiterate, there is nothing more going on in the movements of Bitcoin than what we’ve witnessed prior. And since you are now residing on the other side of that initial spike (and it here where the key lies) there is nothing that will happen in Bitcoin that can’t be replicated or even more beneficial for possible profits, both safer and more regulated, than if one were to go heavy into the world of Penny stocks. (this is not a recommendation it is a construct for comparison)

Yes, that’s true, and if that makes you uncomfortable, for you still believe, and are still invested, literally, in the Bitcoin Billionaire myth. Than you are playing in a space that you know far less about (with your money at risk) than you care to admit. Regardless of how “rich” Tom Lee thinks you’ll be, or how many “Invest in cryptos!” seminars costing $thousands you’ve attended.

After all, if there was so much “retirement riches” to be had…

Then why is James Altucher now pimping touting something completely different? (i.e. he moved from crypto to weed, now its some tech type of tech gadget. Who knows what’s next if that one doesn’t work out either. However, don’t worry, for the price of a few $thousand you too can make him rich learning.)

Then again, if Bitcoin does reach $20K again? Don’t wake me, for it may not be worth the effort. For I already know what the punchline is and seen it before.

And tragic comedy, in the end, isn’t really all that funny to begin with.

© 2019 Mark St.Cyr

A New Daily Feature

This is something new coming soon that will be made available daily and will need no subscription to hear and is sharable.

® 2019 All Rights Reserved

Oh, The Irony!

As I type this the S&P 500™ made its mark for hitting the highest level it’s ever been in the history of mankind. And it may not be the last.

For those that may be confused because they’ve seen reports of it already doing it. That was in regards to its closing level. This is the highest price ever bought or sold – ever. Repeat: Ever!

So now I can hear you saying, “So what’s so ironic about that? Isn’t that a good thing?”

Well it is, unless you’re Jerome Powell along with his cohorts comprising the Federal Reserve’s FOMC Board of Governors. For they have a conclave scheduled for this Tues. – Wed. to evaluate, then set monetary policy.

Remember what they did last meeting? Hint: rhymes with pause and halt in regards to rate hikes and balance sheet run off.

“Why is that important, can’t they just change their minds and restart or guide differently?” you ask. Here’s another hint: not without unleashing monetary chaos, emphasis on: chaos.

The Fed did such an about face at the last meeting just one month ago that they absolutely destroyed any remaining credibility they had for their reading of the economy, what their policies have in relation to it, and what the capital markets have become since their interventionism nearly a decade ago. Need I remind you of the term “autopilot?”

It was not until December’s sudden need for the Treasury Secretary to interrupt his vacation and make a public announcement that he had called the largest U.S. banks and verified to his approval that they were “adequately funded.” Since then Mr. Powell and anyone else at the Fed that could get to a keyboard, camera or microphone has been making the argument for why everything they thought was wrong and now needed to halt, pause and maybe even reverse course. i.e., reconstitute some QE type initiative.

Since then we have gone from, “The depth of despair in December.” To now, “Everything is so freakin’ awesome its coming up roses for May!”

Regardless of how you think the government numbers are calculated (they’re government numbers, need I say more?) you have:

  • GDP printing over 3% = Awesome!
  • Unemployment at record lows = Freakin’ Awesome!
  • Retail spending printing blow out numbers = I can’t control my feet Awesome!
  • And with that the Fed can’t move, as well as said (or signaled however you want to state it, but they’re basically the same thing) it won’t till after 2020. I mean: Awwwwwe-Sssssome!

Repeat: after 2020. Awesome! – Awesome!! – Awesome!!! Awesomeness so plentiful they can’t control their Buy and Hold sentiments for awesome!

The Fed, as I’ve said ad nauseam, has painted itself into a corner and the bucket they used to do the painting is itself, empty. Meaning – they are damned if they do, damned if they don’t and can’t paint over their mistakes as they try and flee said corner, and will be blamed (and damned) for the results either way. Period, full stop.

Again, to reiterate: the exact conditions that should enable, as well as encourage the Fed to normalize – are the exact set of circumstances that won’t allow them. For if they do?

Even if they hint or change the smallest item or verbiage we are back to December lows faster than you can say, “A change in forward guidance.”

And the other truly ironic part is not only do they know it, but so does everyone else, including the one person the Fed despises the most. And that is where the real irony lays.

© 2019 Mark St.Cyr

Change Is In The Air

For the last several years I have written on Sunday’s specifically concerning what is known as “the markets.” i.e., Wall Street et al.

That is now changing.

Since the early days of my blog concerning Wall Street and the entirety of the capital markets I have commented, argued, explained and more about its precarious machinations, much to the scream and howls of those affiliated within it. i.e., next in rotation fund managers, Ph.D Ivy Towered economists, think tank “smart crowd,” Silicon Valley aficionados and more, much more.

In the end, more often than not, as said commentary was either directly carried or referenced in media venues across the globe, on some of the most prominent spaces – my assumptions, views, explanations and more have been the ones proven correct more often than not.

You may agree or not, for that’s up to you, as it should be. However, if one looks at these “markets” at today’s current levels and wants to say, “New highs proves you too have been wrong all along!” There’s nothing more I can say to you except: Good luck, and there’s no real reason for you to read or listen to anything I have to say further. Hope it all works out for you.

Please understand, I truly mean that. Yet, at the same time, if that is your viewpoint all I’ll conclude with is: you may not be as “informed” as you think you are.

The reason is simple: that’s what everyone thought in 2007/08. The only difference this time is you now know (or at least you should) that without the Federal Reserve and other central banks actively perverting said “markets” with more and more varying forms of intervention, whether it be halting prior policies (normalization) or re-instituting proven failures (e.g., QE) – it all falls apart. Just like I and a very few others said it would.

The latest provable metric for those that question said assertion? December 2018 to current day.

If that doesn’t convince you, sorry, but nothing will. And personally I’m done trying. Again, best of luck to you that don’t think so.

To reiterate, I mean that sincerely. It’s not said sarcastically, but it needs to be said so that I can clear the air and not look back as the site propels into its next phase. And “next phase” is now here.

Will I keep commenting on the “markets?” Absolutely, just from a different perspective as to help others understand the how-and-what they’re competing with in relationship to it is where I’m going.

This is something I’ve been wrestling with for quite some time, but just felt I possibly needed a bit more gravitas for arguing certain issues from a credibility sake. Again, for my own head, not any other.

Over the last few years and months that “gravitas,” as they say, has been filled to my own personal levels of acceptance.

In other words I don’t give a horse’s pa-toot about whether or not someone thinks “Well who are you, or what gives you the credibility to make such comments?” For my answer is much like I stated earlier: If you don’t know who I am? I don’t care, you can research me all you want on the web, or just look in my archives and more. It’s all there. But as far as me trying to convince? Again, don’t care.

But let me just point out for those not convinced one last time…

I’ve been quoted or referenced in the largest business/financial and mainstream sites across the globe, bar none, for almost a decade. I’ve had my articles either run right alongside, or on the same page as some of the biggest names in finance such as Taleb, Stockman, Roach and more. In some instances when a story involved the likes of Warren Buffett and his thoughts and/or quotes on a company or market, the opposing viewpoint for contrast in said article has been me. (i.e., MarketWatch™)

Again, of all the people paraded across the media, along with the endless supply of next-in-rotation fund-managers and more available to the mainstream business/financial media they have to choose from – the viewpoint chose to argue against the biggest name in finance during one of the largest news story of the time (i.e., Apple™) was yours truly. And that’s just one, there’s been so many I myself have lost count.

When it comes to the world of finance, markets and more I have just as much, if not more, published work where I’ve called for caution in real-time explaining my reasoning and pointing to possible causation events than any other of what many might call the “nouveau motivational finance sect.” (See Reuters™ for further clues.)

Their “calls to riches” have morphed into my calls and reasoning for caution resulting in $Billions, upon $Billions, upon $Billions of market losses, not including the personal losses of money acquired of those following said advice.

IPO’s, Toronto real estate, cryptos, weed stocks, ________(fill in he blank) anyone?

Oh yes, and if you want to include entire markets such as the debacle that happened at the end of 2018? Those losses are in the $Trillions. But whose counting, right? For it’s all returned, so why worry, right? Right?

When I started (i.e., 2009) I knew I had issues that might hold me back, especially since I’m not a “Wall Street” guy, never worked as one, never was a writer of any sorts, and could barely spell cat without using spell checker. And there I’ve been, at the top of the heap, while also never doing anything the so-called “social media guru’s” will tell you you need to. i.e., I did it all without using it (yes, that’s right, no social media, think about that and let that seep in for those chasing “likes.”)

And in some ways just to add a bit of context. I’ve also been more correct on my calling for the demise of it than many self proclaimed “gurus.” After-all, when was the last time you heard of someone “crushing it” outside of Silicon Valley proper? I rest my case.

“So what’s this all about and why this post to begin with?” I can hear you asking through my monitors. Good question, and it is this…

As of this day going forward this site begins its journey once again to provide motivational material, insight and more into the complex structure known as business. And I believe there is no one else with the ability, as well as published background, and now, yes: archived gravitas to make such calls of/for insight at the highest levels of finance, markets and more – than myself. Again, bar none.

As of today this site goes back to its original purpose in helping those who want to excel at the highest levels of both their personal life, as well as business, through pragmatic insights they can both put into immediate action, as well as not feel or wonder if they’re consuming large quantities of snake oil.

To those that are ready this is my pledge to you and it begins May 1st with the relaunch of the MYTR Broadcast™.

More will be said then and as we go along, but make no mistake, I/we are about to undertake a very wild ride which I believe just may be the most fulfilling for true business wealth and personal security to come along in a generation.

That’s not hyperbole, that’s a true belief. But you’ll have to be ready to make the hard and true choices needed to run this course, for it won’t be for those of the “lightly committed” or “get rich quick” crowd. For that crap – and it is all crap – doesn’t work and never lasts.

If you think I’m wrong, I’m sure there’s a crypto insider, naked option selling, investing in real estate seminar, or weed stock millionaire making course that’ll just love to take your credit card number. The web is littered with them and some are being offered by the “biggest names!” Have a ball and best of luck too you is all say. And I truly mean it.

For those that have read this far, understand my implications, and are ready for the next chapter?

See You Wednesday.

© 2019 Mark St.Cyr

Thinking Like A Machine

I get asked many times to clarify what I truly mean when I talk about the “markets” and use references such as: If the market is made of bots than you have to think like a bot to gain clues.

As I was browsing a few different things this morning I was viewing the image below and thought it would make a great visual aid for those that may be interested. To wit:

(Chart Source)

The above is a chart of the S&P 500™ futures as of this writing represented via 15 minute bar/candle intervals. Why the above is interesting is for the following observations…

What those lines, squares and colored sections represent are different Fibonacci equations expressed using the price data contained within said chart. i.e., the lines aren’t drawn arbitrarily – they are drawn (calculated) via mathematical equations beginning and ending by using the only two arbitrary numbers allowed which is the starting and ending point I placed, which is represented by “0” for the beginning and ending point represented by “1” All the rest is filled in or drawn using math, not by my hand.

What caught my attention was when I was using different technicals and more, I just happened to use the above which I haven’t in quite some time. The reason for it was, I used to use it many moons ago when I was looking at different markets that appeared lifeless and without volume to see if it could give me insight to what the machines or bots might be paying attention to since it appeared that was all that was trading at that given time.

Remember: Algorithms, bots, machines what ever you want to call them use one thing and one thing only to trade – math. So if machines appear to be the only thing buying or selling to each other? I believe you get the point.

So with that said what appears interesting is that the trend over this month appears to be following and coinciding almost far too neatly many lines, areas, drops, spikes and more far too numerous to be just coincidence. Could it all be? Absolutely, for remember – There Is No Holy Grail. Period.

What caught my eye even more is exactly where this all is in this progression which is within the furthest and top area that’s following both a 0-line which is a perfect trend line along with being in what may be called “a termination of trend area.”

Does it mean it will? No one knows. However, if you want to try and think what the machines may be calculating then you have to sometimes try and look for clues that may allow you to see what the machines are using for reference. This is what I mean by “thinking like a machine.”

Again, just to point out, volume for this entire rally since the December lows has been by any normal measures – pathetic. That insinuates that the only ones in here buying are the bots on autopilot.

So if you want to anticipate what the machines may be doing, then you’re going to have to lose all emotions and begin thinking like one to garner any clues.

And as always, we shall see. Why?

Because Apple™ reports right at the very end of the highest right hand corner signified by “1/1”

Maybe the bots have a sense of humor after all, right?

© 2019 Mark St.Cyr

Existential Autopilot?

This is what happens as I’ve stated over, and over, and over again when “it’s different this time” is just that. To wit:

(Chart Source)

The above chart is Tesla as of this writing. All I’ll say is this: The conclusion to what appears to be happening looks like a possible existential event on “autopilot.” And it’s only about $6.00 lower.

As always, we shall see.

©2019 Mark St.Cyr