(For those who say I just don’t get it…get this)

It has been announced, and subsequently rolled out in varying forms, that Facebook™ (FB) has, once again, changed its algorithm. Maybe you’ve missed this since you’re not a “creator” or “publisher” of content. Maybe, you are only aware of their latest intro into media domination via their latest offering for video conferencing. You know, “free” to anyone and everyone. That is…

As they’ll more than likely gather all recordings (e.g., personal and corporate), feed it all through some speech to text bot, then sell any and all information to the highest bidder. You know, like your competitors. But hey, you’ll have probably given the OK on the “Terms and Conditions” check box you dutifully read. And after all, who wouldn’t or shouldn’t trust Zuck and Crew with all that info, right? Right? But I digress.

So it’s in that vein I would like to give you what’s the-just-of the latest in regards to this change. Hint: If you’re a publisher or brand pushing content or running ads via all the latest and greatest (or what’s been left of it over the years, which ain’t been much) crushing it styled advice on how to use social media? It is – once again – crushed. As in worthless. My opinion, but I’m sticking to it, for the facts bear up on my side (and have been for some time), not the so-called “gurus.”

Basically what FB is stating is that content from “friends” will be what is preferred (i.e. code language for what they decide) to be pushed into ones news feed as opposed to publishers or brands that push ads. That’s a drastic oversimplification, but it pretty much sums it up. How can I be sure of this you may ask? Great question and its because of this…

The entire FB community of those that have built their brand and more on FB are, once again, freaking out. Why? Hint: rhymes with getting their content and ads crushed from sight rather than anything “crushing it” used to invoke.

My only question to most of these so-called “influencers” is this: Why are you freaking out? Didn’t you see the warning signs? It’s been over for quite a long time. After all, if it weren’t? Explain this…


(Non working screen shot of public website)

And for those of you that, once again, bought into any of that “wealth” advice? Sorry to repeat myself, but once again…

You have my condolences.

© 2020 Mark St.Cyr

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