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We are concluding our final week in “All Access” mode . We are still sorting through more program highlights and/or changes as well continuing to squash any “bugs” that keep seeming to show up. As Mark has said repeatedly, “Let’s do it live rather than behind the scenes this way we know how we’ll act under the pressure.”

Thanks to you for being a part of it and you still can.

We are going another 30 days or rather the entire month of November in the same free all access mode however stating November 5th the MYTR Broadcast goes behind a password protected wall. Free access is still available the only catch is that you now must sign up to the site as an email subscriber to receive the daily pass code.

That’s it: email address only. No credit card or anything else for the month of November. If you’re already an email subscriber you don’t have to do anything. You’ll receive it in the email notification along with the broadcast as you have been.

Once again, thanks for being part of this incredibly successful launch these past 60 days and we look forward to having you in the future as well.

Remember: there is no second notification or email when the second segment of the show is added as we’ve done since its launch. These are being done live and the engineer is putting them up directly after they’ve concluded or been recorded therefore, as we’ve stated prior the second hour will be posted in about an hour after the first. The reasoning remains the same:

Not sending out additional notifications frees us up from making additional posts where the program might be separated and also helps servers not recognize us as some sort of spam.

And on that note: make sure your emails don’t go to any spam folder. For there is no other way to receive the access codes. There is no support feature to resend.

Remembering “It’s Different This Time”

In days gone by when cameras first became popular there was a morbid ritual that many sought that was called “taking pictures of the dead.” Since we’re in the Halloween mode I thought I’d post a few in honor of this old tradition. For those of you that are squeamish, may I advise you to turn your eyes and look away, for these are only for those who had the good sense as to not buy into all the hype that has caused so much money to ascend to “money heaven.”

These are the accumulating body counts within 401K’s everywhere, told and sold by the Snake Oil Salesmen of today throughout both Silicon Valley, the mainstream financial/business media, and so many more. The chief manta given as the pitch for cure-all? “It’s different this time.”

Here are just a few of the latest casualties of their voodoo arithmetic and sales schtick. Remember, this is not for the faint of heart, and if you happened to have had any dealings in these, as always, you have my condolences. To wit:

The above is a rare before “picture” that was shown to be the reason why the change in formulation was sure to cure all ills. Then…

As one can clearly see the prognosis has not turned out as expected. Hopefully the following will show better results, again, to wit:

Looks like this one snapped directly into a coma, maybe the next will fair better, again, to wit:

Looks like the Snake Oil and Voodoo worked well on this one, let’s see a more recent shot, shall we?

I guess all we can say here is, it must have been a mix up in the batch of snake oil used along with someone changing out the “chicken bones” with rat or mice remains. Maybe there’s hope for the last in this addition to the “family album.” Again, to wit:

(Chart Source)

Alas, it looks like all that’s left are “money bones.” Maybe they’ll use them for the next ritual sales presentation, you think? Yeah, I doubt it too. “Pictures of the dead” just seem to have that buzz kill you want to avoid at those IPO launches.

But then again, maybe it’s different this time, yes?

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