Just Comparing “Pictures”

From my article “Dear Facebook: You’ve Got Mail” originally published January 14th of this year. To wit:

First, a bit of prologue…

It wasn’t all that long ago one of the most powerful digital ads-for-eyeballs platform ever created appeared as if it was the unstoppable juggernaut all the talking heads and analysts reigning on Wall Street declared it to be. Two of the most powerful reasons for why this mega-capped behemoth was not only here to stay, but was now the only company poised to outperform and capitalize on digital advertising in ways others could not was…

  • The new digital age of advertising allowed for precision ad placement, in front of the most qualified prospects for the advertisers product via data collection of attributes and viewing habits like never before.
  • They were so dominant a player, owning (and constantly buying) the very revolutionary assets that would propel it for years to come, that advertising anywhere else would be considered misplaced at best, and “not just getting it”, (“it” being advertising in this new age of digital) at worst. For this was the day and age of targeted data for ads.

Sound familiar?

It wouldn’t be surprising for most reading the above to think it’s about Facebook (FB). This issue is that the above is nothing more than my paraphrasing from a previous article of what the tenor and tone was from Wall Street analysts, fund managers, pundits and more paraded across the entire business/financial media landscape in reference to AOL right before it all fell apart.

I was ridiculed and more via many a next-in-rotation fund-manager and especially via the Silicon Valley aficionado set. The reason behind their criticism was clear, and they were willing to show anyone daring to question their premises with “pictures” proving their case along with implied genius, here’s a snapshot. Again, to wit:


Here’s the newest addition to the “family album.” Again, to wit:

All I’ll add to the above is just “my two cents”

The earnings reporting due had better be quite a bit better than what Netflix reported for comparison. The reasoning is simple:

See anything similar?

But what do I know, right?

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