MYTR Update Wednesday

I tried to enter a new feature that will be part of the Show in the upcoming weeks. It is video and it is something I felt worthy of doing and introducing. I felt (and still do) that it will show why this Broadcast will be unlike any other. The problem? Time, as in, we so under estimated what it would take to get something like this out quickly we may have stopped certain running processes in trying to cancel and start over that we blew up a few other things in the process.

All I can tell you is the three most used words so far abound this studio begin with the letters “W – T – F!!!” or “No, not again!!! W – T – F now!” and different combinations of other cuss words.

I hope to be able to salvage them, but it is unclear if today will be a total wash out or not. We won’t know till later today.

For those taking notes, here’s a new term I haven’t said in many, many years, but shows you what I, and a few other boisterous power uses of Apple™ have been saying quite a lot lately. e.g.,  “WTF Apple?!”

That term I used to shout regularly before I switched everything over to Apple products exclusively, now it seems I’m saying it again. Hint: if you’re listening Tim: WTF! is happening to this platform or system? Put as much interest as you do into the stock price and maybe the platform won’t turn into the continued slide of crapification it has since Jobs passed.