Day: July 13, 2018


Dear Subscribers….

You may receive some random emails which are nothing more than testers.

What we’ll do is leave the heading as it is e.g., “MYTR BROADCAST TESTER” and attach an additional number such as MYTR BROADCAST TESTER #1 or #2 or #22 and so on.

If you receive them please – just delete them – they’re of no value and have no content value except for testing purposes.

Again, regardless if via: your email, RSS feed, or by any other means please, disregard and just trash. This is for testing purposes only.

Please accept our apology for these emails in advance. But we can not test some of the upcoming features – unless they are live.

Once again, thanks for your patience as we rebuild.


Website Construction Weekend Is Officially On

Please be aware that we are doing major behind the scenes infrastructure upgrades, change-overs, and a whole lot of tinkering. Probably kicking a few unforeseen gremlin nests by mistake to boot.

It’s quite possible everything will go along absolutely swimmingly and no one will notice a hiccup. Then again, I am the daring type, so what better day to launch something like this then on a Friday the 13th!

My thinking? If it’s gonna give us trouble, this is time to do it. And besides, I’ve actually had some of my better successes on days just like this, so in reality, I look at days like this as “lucky,” not the superstitious way.

Now with that said, I’ll probably be lucky to log off without the keyboard bursting into flames.

Again, we’ll be starting early on Friday and all throughout the weekend, so if you see “404” type errors, or “site can’t be found” or other things like “What in the world have we gone and done?” and such like that, just remember we’re here, but probably up to (if not over) our necks in you know what.

Wish us luck, and thanks for your patience in advance.