Day: March 1, 2018

An Update To The Update

I decided to follow-up this mornings post with another, because I believe we may be at that very inflection point I’ve been warning about these last few weeks.

Let’s start with this mornings “picture.” To wit:

Here’s how it worked out after today’s market close. The “picture” is the exact same as above, untouched, un-photoshopped, unadulterated, un-everything except for what the “market” did as to fill in any blanks, again, to wit:

The reason why I’m bringing your attention to this, is for this reason: I have stated you need to watch the futures contract which trade through the night beginning at 6:00pm ET (which the above are) for its important to see how Asia reacts, especially China. This is where things can go awry in a heartbeat, where we wake up to find the “markets” are suddenly careening out of control. Hint: Remember this term, “Lock, Limit, Down?”

The simple fact of the matter is this: Take anything that has a general impact, whether causation, or correlated here in a: One = One type relationship. That same relationship will have a: One = an exponential equation there.

In other words, the stresses currently playing out within our own markets are going to have exponential repercussions in Asia, and especial China in-particular. No matter how “fantastic” these next-in-rotation fund-managers paraded across the business/financial media spectrum tell you China is. Hint: If the U.S. markets come down with a cold – China is usually put on pneumonia watch.

Currently, it’s beginning to look like the U.S. “markets” are coming down with not just a cold, but rather, the flu. That means China may be battling something far worse than even they dare contemplate as of today.

But make no mistake – today is the day (actually watching the overnight Asian markets now and going forward) to start paying very strict attention, as to try to take steps, or have previous steps in play as to inoculate your business from any potential “viruses” that may suddenly become rampant, the best one can.

Whether or not anything comes of this is immaterial. What matters now is that there’s a very high probability of, “Something wicked this way comes.”

Here’s where, as the old saw goes: “An ounce of prevention, is worth a pound of cure.” Or, more importantly…

Your business livelihood.

© 2018 Mark St.Cyr



An Update For The ‘Family Album’

Just another installment to the ongoing “market” movements and my commentary to those looking for clues as to where these “markets” may be heading. Today Fed. Chair Jerome Powell speaks again to another congressional meeting. Watching how the “markets” react to his responses, as I’ve stated ad nauseam, is paramount for anyone in business.

Just to clarify for any new readers, for the list keeps growing. (Thank you too all): I don’t make these statements, or argue these points, because I want to appear as some sort of “Wall Street” guru type. The genesis for these was born out of my frustration during the early days of the financial crisis when I realized, to my horror and dismay, that most so-called “experts” paraded across the business/financial mainstream media have not a clue of how markets and business truly interact.

It’s all narrative building with more escape routes than a cockroach. “This will end badly” had been the latest, but has since been jettisoned with every vault higher. The higher we’ve gone? The less they’ve felt the need for the qualifier after every recommendation. Look for a return of this in the form of, “I always said this would…” Particularly from a certain money “mad man.” But I digress.

If you’re in business you need to know what is truly going on in them, for the ramifications of today’s interconnected markets can put even the most menial of products or services, not to mention money, suddenly, “stuck in port or sea.” Or, suddenly, “Unavailable for use or withdrawal.” Again, whether you’re a hairstylist running your own shop, or a CEO running a multinational concern. You can not take this stuff for granted any longer regardless of your business. If you’re in business – you need to not just be aware, but know and understand. At the least in a cursory type manner performed in real-time.

This is why I make this available. i.e., For the business person that truly wants to know, because, it’s that important. Period.

So onto the “pictures”…

The other day I showed this one and on it made some commentary. To wit:

And here we are at approx. 8:00am ET as of this writing, again, to wit:

I’ve again made notations which are self-explanatory.

Everything that is currently taking place in the “markets” via my business acumen and “technical eye” is screaming warning signs. And not some sort of “Please adjust your seatbelts” type of warnings, but rather, and more along the lines of the “Brace yourselves for impact” styled warning.

Here’s the other chart I posted in a prior article when I started this whole discussion that as I iterated before of where I see things possibly moving if more of these signals I post get hit. To wit:

(Chart Source)

If we break down and fulfill what I first mentioned above? The above chart would be the next to watch for a bigger picture understanding. Will it happen? As always, no one knows, but if it does?

At least you would have some understanding that is completely anathema to most.

Until then – we wait, watch, for further clues. Yet, make no mistake – this is a time where watching is paramount, for the stakes are that high.

© 2018 Mark St.Cyr