Correction Update to ‘Swiss Mix’

In my latest article I mistakenly used a currency chart for the US$ – Yuan cross-rate. I have since changed them out for the correct ones. Nothing else in the article is changed. Not premise, or anything else. And, it’s quite possible if you had only glanced you might not have even noticed, for they both show the same premise.

And, now you know what I’m probably going to address far sooner than later, because if one thinks it’s only the Swiss Franc that should make one nervous? Hint: It’s not.

Here are the referenced charts for those who may not have yet seen, or only need to see the change. To wit:

$Dollar / Chinese Yuan:

$Dollar / Swiss Franc:


Once again, the charts, and only the above charts, have been changed on the original article.

© 2018 Mark St.Cyr

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