A “F.T.W….” Note Follow-up

A colleague sent me the following clip after reading one of my prior posts with the following note (paraphrasing): “When you first proposed the idea I thought, “What are you smoking?” Then, I heard none other than Scott Galloway deliver the following in Munich just last weekend at a conference and now I’m wondering, “Do you have any of what you’re smoking to spare?”

Below is the clip, it is from the DLD™ conference in Munich held back on the 20-22th of last week. The main point my colleague alluded to comes at about the 10:10 mark and is only about a minute in length. However, that “minute” tells you everything you need to know about the onerous storm clouds suddenly appearing on the horizon, coming into full view for everyone to see.

Again, it would now seem it’s suddenly on every-bodies radar, with an increasingly, growing reality that’s getting near hard to miss.

To reiterate, for those who may not know: When I first floated the idea of a, “Joe Camel® moment” it all sounded like off-the-radar crazy talk. Since then it, and a few other topics, have been an open running dialogue for example purposes over the last few months. (examples Here and Here)

This is just another note as to further demonstrate my original statements in my “over the horizon” discussions using real-time examples with major economic, political, and disrupting implications.

Here’s the link to the video: Scott Galloway at DLD 18 Munich

Again, the main point of this post is at the approximate 10:10 time stamp.

© 2018 Mark St.Cyr

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