An Update To MSC Content No Longer Available

Hello all, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from everyone here at MSC/StreetCry Media.

This is just a blanket announcement as to answer some recent inquiries about no longer finding any of Mark’s content on other platforms where they may have resided for quite some time prior. An example would be Mark’s podcast offering on iTunes for one.

Mark announced earlier in the year that he was removing all content from any and all other sources as he prepares to launch his next endeavor MYTR.

Please Note: This does not include Mark’s postings on this blog or the reprints of those posts found on other venues. There is no change in that content channel.

As of today we were notified that the remaining venues have since removed any remaining content from their sites. Other examples such as Amazon or other book outlets such as Barnes and Nobles etc. have also since complied. Mark’s offerings are no longer listed per our request.

This is a dramatic shift in approach to business as it pertains to anything conducted on the web today. Mark is the one of the only higher profiled public figures we know of with a global reach, consolidating his offerings forcefully and intentionally making content for sale or exclusive to subscribers to be made available only on his own proprietary sites. No sharing or social media, No Youtube or equivalents such as Vimeo and others, No podcast vendors of any kind such as iTunes, Libsyn, Podcast One and more. Calling the above anything less than dramatic would be fitting of the term understatement.

There will be more announcements coming for when MYTR will be available. But it’s close, as in very close.

We just wanted to post this on Mark’s blog to alert any subscribers old or new as well as readers.

Once again, best wishes to all!

V.V. -StreetCry Media Partners