Just A Note Of Fact With A Note Of Thanks

Over the years I have advocated why knowing your own metrics, and what they mean to you, is not only imperative in business, but paramount to those looking to climb the ladder of success in their field, or quest of their choosing.

The reason, as it would appear to be self-evident, is that you don’t want to be fooled by the worst trickster in the world. That trickster of course, would be – yourself.

Vanity metrics are one of the most lethal game chasing endeavors you’ll ever embark on. (e.g., “likes” and such) The reason is pretty simple: Once you obtain them (that is if you can at all) you’ll find more often than not they’re worth less than the digital paper they’re printed on.

Recognition for your actual trials, tribulations, or contributions is one thing. Recognition via ways of gaming the system, any system, may lead to accolades in the short-term. But, more often than not it leads to nothing more than that sinking feeling of non-fulfillment when there’s no one around and you’re sitting alone, by yourself, trying to admire that so-called “trophy” you were once so proud of to tell everyone about. History is rife with such cautionary tales and examples. (Remember: “Followers” or “likes” or “subscribers” and more can be purchased for coffee change per thousand.)

So it was in this light I wanted to share the following for two reasons. 1) I’m quite proud of it. (You may feel different, but that’s your prerogative.) And, 2) It factually puts to bed any calls for those out there who have questioned my metrics, examples, or just never believed anything I’ve said over the years as its pertained to audience size and more.

As I’ve always said and done over the years, since I first began writing, you can’t kid yourself with vanity metrics if your goal is to actually put out ideas on leadership, business, and more that others may actually find value in. And social media, I have argued, is the worst place to try to do that. Why?

Because it’s far too easy to kid yourself with “Likes” and “Tweets” and “Followers” et al. The reason being is because more often than not – most are all fake to begin with. And far more fake than the “fake news” they complain about within it. That’s the real scandal.

This is the reason, from the start, (to be honest, I did try for a bit, but jettisoned the entire idea a few months later) I’ve never gone the social media route, to the jeers and scorn of social media aficionados, business experts/gurus, writers, and more everywhere.

The examples of which I’ve documented and shared are all within the archives. I’ve always used myself as the example (unlike most others) to show what I’ve done and the results from it. Good, bad, or indifferent.

So with that all said for context here’s the reason for all the above…

I was notified on Tuesday morning one of my articles made it onto the front page of The Drudge Report™.

Some of you may be shrugging your shoulders thinking, “So what.” Others may have never visited it, and even a few others would never. And that’s fine. However, the reason for this, on my end, is for this reason: You can’t petition, or beg, or send money and have your article put up on Drudge. Trust me, some of the most highly profiled reporters, writers, news organization, websites, and more try just that, too no avail. The audience size is that big of a deal. In other words: Drudge finds you, not the other way around.

There are professional writers, organizations, and more that may work their entire career and never get a Drudge posting.

Yet, the guy who can’t spell cat without spell checker, and has more violations with the Grammar Gestapo and Punctuation Police that if they could lock me up? Throwing away the key would be considered too light of a sentence. Now has one.

Now to address the nagging issue of many when I have described audience sizes and more that have said to me when I’ve met them or via any other communication, “C’mon…millions? What are you collectively counting every post you’ve ever done and where it could possibly have ever shown up, and trying to make it sound real?” Fair point – so here’s a fact to absolve any prior, as well as future doubts. To wit:

That’s the Drudge Report’s stated, quantifiable, and verifiable statistical report for the day my article appeared.

As I’ve stated over the years when it was applicable: One of my articles, at any time, can be in front of millions, and over the course of a month that audience size can be in the 10’s of millions.”

So, for those over the years that thought that was all smoke-and-mirrors (and you know who you are) the above puts that all to rest. Because being on Drudge moved that “millions” to the “10’s” category, and the “10’s” to the near BILLION category.

Remember, by all the so-called “experts” opinions: I’m not suppose to be there – and there I am. Why?

Well, I have to give a lot of that credit for this one to Seth Godin who opened my thought process to it all by pushing the mantra of “pick yourself first” which allowed me to then do the work, and subsequently get picked where it mattered, and not kid myself.

Again, the reason for this post is, in a way, not just to share some news I’m proud of. But to also push back on the many of you who are wasting time either not doing, or not starting, or not fulfilling your heart’s desires because someone else is either telling you “you can’t”, or worse – you’re telling that to yourself.

You can, if you really want to, but you have to start with not kidding yourself as to what constitutes actual work towards the goal, and the fulfillment of not just getting it – but doing it. Even if no one ever comes, which is always the greatest possibility.

You have to be able to take pride in the fulfillment of doing the actual work, first. Then, when the rest comes, if it does at all, you can enjoy it all the more.

I know this to be true, and can impart it too you, because not only do I know it to be true, but I’ve actually done it. Unlike most who have only…

Read a book about what someone else read in another’s book, who has now written their own book, about what they’ve read, so you can buy their book, and read about what they’ve read.

And too all of you who’ve been with me over the years, and to those who may only be reading here for the first time, and all the other news-sites, blogs, media-venues and more: You have my sincerest, and most heartfelt gratitude.

For without you, there would be no reason to have done any of this to begin with.

Once again, thanks too all of you.

© 2017 Mark St.Cyr