About Those Fundamentals…

Suddenly the “markets” appear to be roiling. Personally, I had to turn off my TV earlier from enduring most of the mainstream media’s endless next-in-rotation fund manager cadre hypothesis being spewed across my screens. The rationale and explanations were, from my perspective, beyond ridiculous, making little to no sense what so ever.

Here’s an idea currently devoid in today’s so-called “smart-crowd.” Ready?

“The only reason these “markets” have assailed this most recent wall-of-worry (i.e., since the Nov. election) and held on to its cliff edge is there’s still some chance (albeit deteriorating ever further) that a tax deal, and Obamacare reform, is still a possibility.

Again, this is the only proposition holding the implications for what the Fed. has already wrought at bay.(e.g., raised multiple times into further deteriorating data) For once the “market” has to accept that the agenda that enabled the “Trump trade” is not only DOA, but indeed dead and buried? Everything changes on that alone. And I do mean everything.”

Simple as that. And as a reminder of just how high of a climb that wall-of-worry was/is? To wit:

But not too worry we’re told, for “The Fed’s got your back”, right? And we’re told they’re the “smart of the smart.” Lest I remind anyone that as I’ve said on too numerous of occasions to list…

“Once the “hopium” trade is presumed gone – then the multiplier effect will come into play with what the Fed. has already embarked on, let alone, what it plans for the future.”

Hint: The future is catching up with the past, today.

© 2017 Mark St.Cyr