Just When You Think There’s A Method To The Madness

Via The New York Times™. To wit:

“Trump removes Anthony Scaramucci From Communications Director Role”

Now you know why I try my damnedest not to comment on the political.

However, with that said, as a business person you just can’t sit idly by and wait. You have to try and “read the tea leaves” the best one can, and try to interpret what may, or may not, be coming down the pike, and how it might effect your business. It’s part of the “game” as they say.

The issue now facing not only the administration along with congress itself is this point…

If this jostling of positions continues, while at the same time, congress remains both deadlocked on getting any prominent relief for taxes and more passed? Things are going to turn ugly – very fast – and very soon. And I don’t mean political infighting. I’m speaking directly to the business sector.

Congress sitting on their thumbs is one thing – business sitting on its hands is quite another.

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