How To Solve The Healthcare Conundrum

Over the last decade there’s been no other subject more debated and central to people’s lives, than the current healthcare debacle making its way through the economy. Since the inception of what is colloquially known as Obamacare, the entire complex that was once the envy of the world seems to now be circling around the edge of some giant sinkhole before it renders itself to the forces of gravity, and finally descends into the abyss, taking everything with it in some horrifying sucking sound.

If you try to garner any information on how to solve this current debacle (and people like to gloss over this very point) from any of the so-called “smart crowd.” All one gets are mumbo-jumbo filled constructs about why the issue is so difficult to fix and more. It’s moved beyond resembling any sense of intellectual type arguing. Now – it’s pure emotional screaming, crying, and incoherent mumblings making kinder garden look scholarly in comparison. It’s beyond pathetic. Yes – on both sides.

I don’t get into politics and I’ve always stated: “You should not know which side of the political aisle I stand on if I’m making my arguments correctly.” Today is no different, for this isn’t about politics per se – this is about business, especially small business, the life blood of America , its economy, as well as the nations main employer. And the current draconian measures being thrust upon them gets little to no attention via the main stream press is not only appalling – it’s damn near criminal.

Why? Because it’s killing not only them, but with them goes, as it destroys, the areas of the economy that most people get their first leg up into the economy. This is where people looking for decent work, or chances to prove themselves, or maybe try to put back together, or reinvent from a recently shattered past or life: rebuild, relaunch, or reinvent. Sometimes themselves- sometimes the business itself. All for the better.

This is where people go apply for a job face-to-face to an owner looking for a chance as to prove their worth. Or if they can’t find one – invent one. Not send 100’s of applications to H.R. computer screening black-holes that will disqualify an applicant for not dotting some i, or crossing a t, literally.

Think: your local market, retailer, sub shop, distributor, manufacturer et al with about 50 or 100 employees give or take. The Small Business Administration has different criteria as in up to “500 employees” and more, but for this discussion, it’s about what most understand as “small.” It’s these businesses that are the dynamism for most towns.

Without the relief that was expected (and sold) to the entire small business community – it is at risk, even more so, than it already is. That alone should make politicians on both side take notice, but currently it’s like they’re (small business) screaming in a vacuum. And no one seems to care. Not the politicians, and certainly not the Chamber of Commerce.

Small business used to look to agents such as this for help in having their voices heard. But now? It’s more like lip service, then, “Have you sent in a donation?” It’s now moved beyond pathetic.

So in this vein I’m going to wave my usual fees (and I don’t do that lightly) and will now detail precisely how to fix the entire healthcare question and return it, along with its once lofty reputation, for being the best in the world. To wit:

  1. As has already been suggested: Repeal the current law (Obamacare) in its entirety today, with a two-year delay for full compliance.
  2. Make all politicians, staff, along with all government employees: to have to purchase and acquire insurance plans that are available to the general public. No special provisions, no special carve-outs. If the general public can’t purchase it? Neither can a politician or other government employee. And if for any reason “insurance” or “healthcare” is part of their compensation? A stipend equivalent to, and no more than: the median or average of available plans. No work around, no exceptions. Period.

If those two solitary provisions were met – the entire healthcare/insurance fiasco would be solved at a minimum “on time”, and probably for the first time – ahead of schedule.

Everyone would benefit near immediately (and would be covered regardless of anything prior or existing) the moment the politicians had to pay, and abide, by what their constituents have, especially if full payment was only for “the median.” This would take the “median” or “average” plan standards to stratospheric heights (along with pushing down its costs via the competitive model and market) making today’s “gold” standard look more like fools-gold.

Again: Make that second item in the list above into law? America begins getting back to work far faster, and far healthier, than we have in decades.

The above is worth $Trillions, upon $Trillions of potential GDP gains along with employing many of the millions currently being forced off jobs everywhere just because they are number 50 in the employee roster. And the effects, along with affects, would be felt throughout the nation with near immediacy. All at no charge from me – and more importantly – no charge to the nation.

In fact: The only “charge” will be; what is heard from America’s business sector once the shackles of Obamacare are cast aside. Something they’ve been wanting to scream for years.

© 2017 Mark St.Cyr