Why It’s Important To Be On The Same Page

I was having an impromptu discussion the other day with a group where the topics varied from one subject to another. For some reason Denmark came up as one of the topics and I interjected (trying to be amusing) with, “Some of the stuff coming out of there is just great, some of the best stuff I’ve heard in years!”

It seemed I quickly captured one person’s attention in-particular when they immediately responded, “Really?” You’re really into all that’s going on there?” I knew where this conversation was going (for you could see this person wanted to take up a pedestal) and I decided to play along in my own way, for I felt it was inappropriate to the situation or discussion.

So I responded, “Absolutely! In actuality it’s bringing my faith back that the changes I’m hearing might be the right tones that could carry things forward for years. I’ve been so sick of what seems to be nothing more than pounding and screaming.”

I was then asked, “So, you’ve listened closely? And you agree with all that stuff?” Which I replied, “I don’t listen to every word, but the construction and delivery of it all, is again, the best I’ve heard in years. As a matter of fact, I have a bunch of it loaded onto my iPod® and it’s in, what they used to call in the business, “heavy rotation” when I run.”

They responded almost aghast, “Really?! You listen to political speeches while you run, and that motivates you? I guess the next question is who do you like better: Wilders or Rutte? (e.g., politicians currently running in Denmark that many argue is akin to the right-left fury taking place globally.)

I then quipped, “Political? What are you talking about? I’m talking about VOLBEAT.”

The conversation stopped precisely there. Which was my intended (and hoped for) outcome. And yes, they weren’t at all amused. I called that a two-fer.

So now “on a different note” as is like to be said…

All I said about Volbeat I meant. As some of you know I was once in the genre (or music business as they say) and have friends who still are. And I will say some of the newer music I’ve heard as of late (i.e., on the heavy side) seems to be transforming or pulling back from the just straight head pounding and screaming (and there’s nothing wrong with that, for I do like, and still like some of it) to a more fidelity and structured posture where dynamics and technique matter – again.

For those looking for a few more examples for context here’s a couple more I’ve been listening too: The Pretty Reckless, Red Sun Rising And there’s many more and the list is growing, which is refreshing.

Yes, even head-bangers as old as Methuselah (which I am, just ask the children!) may have reason to turn on the radio once again and find something that isn’t either an “Oldies” rehash, “Jack”, “Mike”, “Tony”, or whatever acronym the “We play anything!” stations are doing, Or worse – The Classic Rock station of any area with its own version of some 50-something trying to sound like their still 19 back in the day.

Thankfully, and it’s been a long time coming, this newer stuff is making it worthwhile to search out new music (once again) and be pleasantly surprised, as well as rewarded.

And for those of you who are like me (e.g., have more akin with Methuselah than Millennials) try Black Country Communion. Probably the best sounding supergroup of players that actually sound fresh (rather than stale like sooo many have been over the years) in quite sometime, still flying relatively under the radar although they’ve been around for a few years. (e.g., Glenn Hughes from Deep Purple, Joe Bonamassa, a blues legend by his own right, Jason Bonham, self-explanatory, and Derek Sherinian formerly of Dream Theater.)

And soooo ….that concludes this foray into today’s version of – totally off topic.

(And for those curious, or wanting a sample, below is a link to one of Volbeat’s official videos on YouTube™:

Volbeat – A Warrior’s Call

© 2017 Mark St.Cyr