Adding To The Growing List

Hello all. I just wanted to share that Mark has been asked by the financial website Seeking Alpha if their editorial team could monitor and repost relevant articles for their readers onto their platform. Of course Mark said yes and welcomes the additional readership.

For those wanting a little insight into who Seeking Alpha is, here are a few references from their Wiki page.

“In 2013, WIRED magazine named Seeking Alpha one of its, “…core nutrients of a good data diet.” WIRED: 101 Signals. In 2007, Seeking Alpha was the recipient of Forbes’ Best of the Web Award[14] and was selected by Kiplinger’s as its pick for Best Investment Informant.[15] In 2011 Seeking Alpha was listed as #1 in Inc. magazine’s list of Essential Economic blogs.”

As per SimilarWeb their audience engagement states to be around 20 million views monthly.

Screengrab at SimilarWeb
Screengrab at SimilarWeb

As always, thanks to everyone!

V.V. –StreetCry Media


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