Just An Update On: The Updates

Dear subscribers and guests. As many of you know we have been mentioning updates that are coming for the blog, this is the weekend we’re going to try to install many of them. For now many of the updates are on the so-called “back-end” since the blog has grown with more subscribers and visitors from around the globe. (It is officially now viewed and read in over 95 countries!) Some may not experience any changes depending on the time, or the day as we initiate them. All this updating is to ensure a smoother experience and the facilitation of adding more content some strictly for subscribers, and more. (much of that will be announced on a roll out basis.)

The MarkStCyr.com website and the blog will become one as in “seamless.” A redesign incorporating the two is in beta and we’re rolling it out (hopefully) in working order. If not, don’t be surprised if you get some form of error message or if things seem a little buggy over the next week or so. It’s just us in the background trying to get it right.

As always thanks to all of you around the globe. We hope this update will make your experience here even better.

Once again thanks!

V.V. -StreetCry Media

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