Lottery Mentality – Lose It

If you’ve ever doubted motivation was more of an inside game rather than outside, i.e., You push yourself rather than needing another to push you. Just ponder this as we go into the new year.

You’ll go out of your way, wait in line, or get dressed after just relaxing in bed, etc., if you believe the goal (or prize) is large enough. An example of this can be shown using the lottery.

How does one feel about missing the chance of obtaining a ticket to play the lottery at $1 million? For most its inconsequential.
How about ….$450 million? I’ll bet (pun intended) quite different.

If you’re like most you probably play the lottery only when jackpot sizes reach proportions where you contemplate the old saying, “I’m guaranteed not to have a chance if I don’t play but, guaranteed a chance if I do.” And, the more the jackpot tallies higher – the more you’ll emphasize the, “I gotta play!” side.

Statistically your chances are about the same as with the smaller winnings, although truth be told your chances are actually increased more in your favor with the smaller jackpots. (fewer players better odds for you) So the question is…

If a chance at winning $1 million, with odds that favor you isn’t enough to motivate some into buying a ticket. Why is it many would do everything in their power, or drag themselves out of bed just after retiring, in a panic, as they remembered they didn’t play. But realized, there’s still time to drive to the store in the freezing rain, cold, heat, whatever so they can have “a chance?”

Usually it’s the size of the prize. Although the rationale is quite telling as in – one couldn’t be bothered at winning a Million dollars? No, they’re not taking a chance or putting themselves out until they get to $100 million or above – because then, we’re talking real money! (This is all for analogy’s sake. I’m not promoting lotteries, gambling, or anything else.)

If you feel the higher the payout – the better. Just remember: Statistically most large payout winners go on to live lives so changed after the fanfare has disappeared, they come to dread the day they won. The never-ending onslaught of friends and family members looking for money, the line of scam artists and more pitching this and that. The loss of friends that no longer act the same toward you along with people who earned their wealth looking upon you as nothing more than a victim of happenstance takes its toll.

Victim? Oh yes…just wait till you have to understand what the accountants and investment advisers begin telling you what you can, or must – should, or could do with your winnings/money.

If you believe or live under the illusion you’ll just “pay” someone to do all that for you, just ask Wesley Snipes or the myriad of others that left all those “details” to others.

So if you want to move away from treating life as a game of chance and move it into a game that’s not only more under your control, but statistically gives you better odds at attainment as well as fulfillment. Just begin treating your goals with the same ferocity and stubbornness as to make sure you’re “in the game” as you would if taking a chance in some lottery.

Treat getting that RFP (request for proposal) out to a client with the same nod to a time commitment as you would some “mega jackpot.” Return that call, write down that idea, send that letter, or anything else, even though you just got under your covers. If it’s important – get up and do it. Trust me you’ll sleep better and more soundly after than if you didn’t.

In this coming year why waste any time on taking chances on hitting some lottery with buying tickets. After all, you can create your own, set the payout, and your odds of winning are exponentially in your favor. And best of all you don’t need to buy a ticket…You get to punch your own!

Think about it.

© 2013 Mark St.Cyr

There Are Lines That Need To Be Crossed

Some lines as the old saying goes, “should never be crossed.” However, that doesn’t mean all lines. There are lines indeed that not only should be crossed, you should try to cross them as soon as you know exactly what lines you’re dealing with.

Two lines of thought which are held very near and dear to the heart of the successful entrepreneur are..
What can this person/company do for me?
What can I do for this person/company?

Some will argue you must solely focus on the latter rather than the former. I feel this is utter nonsense and misses the mark of both prudence as well as vision towards the horizon.

Not every situation you’ll run into will be ideal. Nor, will every client. However, that doesn’t mean two near mortal enemies in a competitive business which down to their core distrusts, or dislikes the other, can’t come to some common ground. If, the benefits for both sides can be articulated between the two.

It takes a keen sense of both daring as well as forward vision (and a whole lot of plain guts at times) to be the first to out-stretch an idea. (in lieu of a hand)

Just look at the rivalry that took place in the early 1990’s between the Postal Service (USPS®) and FedEx®. So embattled and bitter were these competitors that the USPS refused to allow FedEx drop boxes on (and allegedly even bordering) their properties. The dislike was so venomous between the two, if a violation of the smallest order could be called against the other, it was near sure to be acted upon. The mere mention of one to the other was looked upon as if you just insulted someones mother.

Then in early 2001 or so, someone decided it was time and approached the other with a business deal. (I don’t know which side but whom ever it was deserved a medal!) The result? FedEx would transport on their fleet the USPS overnight mail increasing the efficiency for the postal service while at the same time making a profit for themselves.

If one had been hard-lined and never moved their thought processes between, “what can I do for them” and “what can they do for me”  a more than decade old relationship worth BILLIONS of dollars in both revenue and efficiency would never have been realized.

There are more important lines that should never be crossed, i.e., dignity, honor, ethics, etc. Fortunately what you’ll find with most other lines in business; the lines set down by most aren’t really lines in concrete.

They’re in sand.

© 2013 Mark St.Cyr

Motivation Misstep Follow Up

I’ve had some readers ask me if the video of “Motivation Misstep” was the video that caused me the issues. No, it was not. However, the same reasoning could also be applied to it.
Let me reiterate so that it is understood more clearly…

Based on the criteria currently being used, or adhered to by many platforms. Anyone, repeat anyone, has the ability to lay claim of copyright infringement. Regardless if there is – or not.  Currently it doesn’t matter if they are incorrect in their assumptions, or – just using the current system to benefit themselves, knowingly full well there is no legitimate claim. It’s a shoot first and; possibly never ask, or get an answer to questions later policy.

Personally, it’s a reason why over time I have migrated more and more of my intellectual property over to WordPress™. They have seen and taken a stand on this very issue which I applaud them for. You can read their stand here.

These are topics and subject matter that anyone who wishes to create intellectual property in any form must have a working understanding of both; what they have the legal right to – and – what they do not.

Some will make the mistake of thinking, “I’ll cross that bridge when I’m popular enough to have such an issue.” The problem with that thinking is this: Just when you’re getting popular – that’s when someone will try to make your popularity theirs.

What you will, can, can’t, or, willingly put money and time into litigation needs to be understood first, not after. Again, you don’t need to be a scholar on the issue however, you need to have a working knowledge. Just as in taxes, “Ignorance will be no excuse.” Remember that if nothing else. It’s that important – if you’re truly serious.

So below I’ve posted the videos that caused the so-called “infringement” issue I was talking about. The claim was absolutely and totally frivolous and at the time (now nearing 2 years)  I both filed and was prepared to go to court over the issue. It has since never been resolved to my satisfaction for I have never heard, nor had a reply from both the accuser nor the platform. Since then I just pulled my material off, closed accounts, and haven’t returned since.

On a side note, when I was first toying with these ideas (the videos above) and thought about expanding to differing platforms or mediums, my blog was being routinely visited by just over 34 countries. Today? I’m well past 62 and counting. So for all those social media “guru’s” that push this notion: “You ‘have to’ be there or no one will find you!” is load of bunk.

I’m not saying other platforms or mediums don’t have advantages. However, when, why, and how accompanied with a results orientated strategy that’s both verifiable as well as showing real advantageous results should be the reason why or for.
Not because someone says, or is selling, their definition to why.

And while I’m here on this Christmas Eve, I would like to take a moment as to thank every single one of you for making this possible.
Thank you, and there’s more surprises to come.

© 2013 Mark St.Cyr

Below is part of a series of ideas we were working on at that time. I only did a couple. They were ideas I was toying with. I posted them as they appeared on the blog back then. To wit…

An enhanced Audio Podcast presented in Video format.

The quick hitting no holds barred series based on “Mr. Engineer, please hit the record button and let’s go!”  Unique for its forget about edits and retakes format.

This episode features Mark’s column:
Remembering a Sentimental “KISS” in Business

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An enhanced Audio Podcast presented in Video format.

The quick hitting no holds barred series based on “Mr. Engineer, please hit the record button and let’s go!”  Unique for its forget about edits and retakes format.

This episode features Mark’s column:
Team Building 101, Dump the Committees

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An enhanced Audio Podcast presented in Video format.

The quick hitting no holds barred series based on “Mr. Engineer, please hit the record button and let’s go!”  Unique for its forget about edits and retakes format.

This episode features Mark’s column:
Breaking Through an Entrepreneur’s Crisis, No Time to Sell

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An enhanced Audio Podcast presented in Video format.

The quick hitting no holds barred series based on “Mr. Engineer, please hit the record button and let’s go!”  Unique for its forget about edits and retakes format.

This episode features Mark’s column:
“Forget the Extra, Just Do What You Promised”

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Motivation Missteps

Hard to believe this little skit has now been around long enough to be considered a “holiday tradition” on the blog. Last time posted was a year ago this week.
I was reminded of it the other day when I was asked if it were on YouTube™.  As many of you know I don’t post or use that service for what I deem very important reasons. For those who may be new to the blog or want to know the back story, you can read it here.
I believe even more today as I did then, you just can’t put intellectual property out into the ether without understanding what that “ether” can, or can not, do for you.
But more importantly: What it can do – too you!
So once again with everyone, and everything in holiday mode, I figured I’d put up this little skit they made over at StreetCry a while back at the expense of yours truly.
Hope you enjoy it as much as it still makes me laugh.

© 2013 Mark St.Cyr, In assoc. with StreetCry Media™

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For Those Preparing A New Year Resolution

As many of you know I believe the ritual of “New Year Resolutions” are more in line with wishes rather than resolutions. For 95% of the population they’ll be forgotten by Valentines Day, never-mind following through beyond.

If making a decision that will benefit you or your life is important enough to even contemplate doing, why then would you wait for some arbitrary date as to put it into effect? Honestly, doesn’t that have more in common with  procrastination rather than someone resolute to make a change they believe in?

If you believe a change is needed as to improve your life in any way, shape, manner, or form. Start the process today no matter how small. That’s what the other 5% is doing. And – it’s directly responsible in getting, as well as keeping them there. Regardless of economic conditions.

Ponder this as you work your way through the holidays:

95% of the population (and more than likely your competition) will arbitrarily set their New Year goals along the lines of, “Better living through reduced expectations!”
They see no other alternative and believe they’re just being practical.

The other 5% (by the mere fact you’re reading this puts you there!) hopes that 95% gets their wish.
For they’re busy working, creating, and being resolute for themselves today.

Remember, more than likely, your competition is merely waiting to mark the calendar as to embark on the mediocre.

© 2013 Mark St.Cyr

Airing A Few Thoughts

First: Beyonce’
Currently she is all the buzz with releasing her newest album available in album form only, reminiscent of the 1970’s where you had to buy the whole, not pick and choose single songs. It’s been so far a great success. Why? She released it directly via iTunes® with no foreknowledge as to the release date, as well as no media campaign blitz that is currently the norm. She made the announcement only via her social media connections and web site where her fans picked up the ball (or album) and ran with it. However, the reporting on how she has shown you now don’t need marketing per se’ as one once did is a little disingenuous if not bordering on the absurd in my book.

The push to show how “social media” is now the new king or queen maker looks a little over done and over hyped. Using this as the proof positive “social media” marking event or point misses the mark. Actually this doesn’t show anything more than a perfectly executed one-off timing event which in itself – is marketing. (Don’t let me be misunderstood, I do think it was brilliant in idea and execution)

To say Beyonce’ didn’t market this release, or to say, because “no advertising” campaign was used to promote it, disingenuously tries to banish the facts that she is, for lack of a better term, a marketing promotional machine. (Although watching her perform does leave one questioning the machine or human analogy.)

What she has brought to light is what Seth Godin has been championing for over a decade now: Permission marketing, along with building a Tribe.
She has earned the right from her Tribe to communicate with them directly via social media and her own site. Also, she has earned permission to ask if they would like to purchase something she is selling. This is not something that came to light today because she’s suddenly a “social media sensation.” This is a direct result from years of the tireless work ethic, endless interviews or promotions, a relentless touring schedule, and more. What she is now demonstrating are the results available to someone where the power of distribution and more has moved into the performers or entrepreneurs side of the ledger, other than at the mercy of the “corporate elite.”

For it to be spun as if now any performer can just replicate the same tomorrow is a fools errand. The social media aspect as to move a fan base to action comes – after – not before the hard work of building that tribe. Along with gaining the trust of that very tribe as to gain permission to offer them something for sale. For if it were the other way around: We would be talking about the newest release made by a cat from LOLCats because after all, they are still the social media stars with so many “hits” it would make Beyonce’ blush.

Next: Phones on planes.

Well…the first thing that crossed my mind when typing the above was a vision of the movie, Snakes on Plane. (2006 New Line Cinema) For me personally; making, taking, or speaking on a cell phone is as normal to me as chatting with someone in public. It has nothing to do with the act, for we all do the equivalent everyday ourselves when we’re talking to someone at diner, traveling with a companion whether it be a car, train, boat, or more.
What has everyone (including myself) wrought with fear is being next to that person we’ve all been next to, or heard 100 yards away speaking on their phone as if there were connected by string – not technology. Where the louder you yelled, the greater the clarity. (It wasn’t for string vibration efficiency. It was you could actually hear the other kid via the screaming!)

There is nothing wrong with conversing on a phone as long as etiquette in voice modulation is your first concern. Just as if conversing to someone in the next seat about the weather, no one is going to think twice nor bat an eye. Yet, if you were to use pro-fain language where everyone around you is within earshot along with laughing and making a ruckus due to your conversation. Does it matter if there’s a phone involved or not? Hardly.

The reason why most will have their blood run cold as to whether or not they allow phone usage on flights is for that exact reason. Today, it’s also nearly impossible for anyone – including flight crew – to bring to the attention of the disturbing adults as to tone it down without a tirade of insults or worse being thrown by the “offended” party.
In this day and age where people have little to no social skills (yet they are proficient in “look at me” social skills on-line) we all know there are going to be issues. And – none of us want to be there when the inevitable fireworks happen.

For my part, I’m considering visiting NetJets® which is headquartered exactly 2.5 miles from my current residence. Because believe it or not, although traveling First Class may have its benefits: The first people you’ll hear at the back of the plane on phones won’t be coming from the rear of the plane rather…

It’ll be coming from someone seated next to me at the front.

© 2013 Mark St.Cyr

Profiting At The Bottom Line™

This month’s focus: What’s In A Name?

We understand that a person’s name is one of the most important things to remember when meeting someone. Yet, we don’t put as much attention or high regard for remembrance on the exact name of their business. For example:

You might remember Mr. or Mrs. Smith’s first name is Roberto or Roberta when greeting them for the first time in person. However, make the mistake of forgetting the “o” when greeting Mr. Smith, or the “a” when sending Mrs. Smith a RFP, and you’ll most assuredly feel foolish when they remind you of that fact.

Hopefully you’ll never call one “Bob” or “Berta” without being told to. That said many will do just that when referring to their place of business. i.e., “Oh yes, I know that you own the diner on 5th Ave. And I would love to do business with you!” When its true name is “The Restaurant on 5th Ave.” It might seem as an honest mistake by many yet, just as being caught flat-footed when pronouncing or forgetting someones name has implications, so to for their place of business.

Put the same amount of effort and care into both. Why? Because a persons business is just as personal in many ways as themselves. They are more times than not extensions of their personalities and more. If you appear to take any aspect of their business in a seemingly trivial or flippant way, they may react harshly catching you thoroughly off guard.

Case Study: I worked very hard as to acquire an account. Finally after a long period I broke through and made the sale. When we were filling out the paperwork to finalize the agreement I nonchalantly filled in the name of the business as, “The Fill in the blank Rest.” and proceeded down the checklist.

After moving down a few lines I could tell something was wrong so, I asked the owner, “I’m sorry but you seem as if somethings wrong. Did I do something?” He stated a very polite, yet forceful – “Yes!”

Taken back I asked what for since I hadn’t a clue. Again politely, yet forceful, he pointed at the documents and said, “Who’s business is that? If you noticed when you came to this establishment, the sign topping my building does not read ‘Rest.’ It reads ‘Restaurant.’ Maybe it’s not important to you, but it’s surely important to me that when the name of my business appears anywhere, it reads exactly how I named it. I spent a lot of time going back and forth between other names and abbreviations where I decided on ‘Restaurant’ not ‘Rest.’ So if you don’t mind, I wish the name to be on any documentation is exactly what its name is.”

You could cut the tension with a knife and the business seemed to be hanging in the balance of what was said next. There are many who may have responded with something along the lines of, “Sorry, but it’s really nothing to take offense or get upset about.” And with this gentlemen, any hint of that kind of thinking he would have just negated everything on the spot. Whether one agrees with his assertions or not.

However, I apologized profusely and stated to him honestly I never gave such a second thought. I didn’t see that I may, or may not be doing something unintentionally, and thanked him for pointing it out to me. I also stated I would never make this same mistake again. I was both sincere and honest. And, it has never happened again.

Don’t let it happen to you.

© 2013 Mark St.Cyr

Profiting At The Bottom Line™ is a monthly memo, which is pithy, powerful, and to the point. It focuses on innovative techniques and or ideas that you can put to work immediately in your daily or business life.

Capitulate Doesn’t Mean Joining Other Side

Here’s the definition courtesy of the Oxford Dictionary®:
capitulate: verb
Cease to resist an opponent or an unwelcome demand; surrender: The patriots had to capitulate to the enemy forces.

When one joins the other side after waging a war or conflict against it. They don’t call you a “capitulator.” They use a term far more harsh.

Why I’m making this statement crystal clear is to emphasize what I’m noting and reading once again throughout the financial media. Where investors of once held high regard for either being contrarian or short side investors (aka Bears) are throwing in the towel sighting they can not compete (as in making profits for their members) and in so doing they are now giving rise to the notion, “If you can’t beat’em – join’em!”

The reasoning’s for why they are taking this new-found stance not only has me shaking my head. It has me waving a finger at the same time. What I seem to be hearing or reading is more CYA (cover your arse) than anything else remotely insightful.

The latest example of this is none other than Hugh Hendry’s latest letter on throwing in the towel. Now before I launch let me express, I have had a great respect for Mr. Hendry over the years. I have watched many an interview, read many a letter, listened closely to many of his analysis on markets, their causalities, and have seen him as an unabashed “willing to call bull-crap – bull-crap” force. No matter whom was trying to spread it before him.

I did then – as well as still do, hold his financial insights and acumen in very high regard. However, it was his latest letter to investors and its tone in which I took particular issue with. (You can read if in full here) And here’s why…

If one is to take at face value the tenure and tone of the letter. One can’t help wondering where was this thinking 3 months, six months, a year or more ago? And that is the crux of my whole contention that we are not talking capitulation, rather something entirely different.

Here’s is a statement attributed to Mr. Hendry that I just can’t seem to get my hands around: “Crashing is the least of my concerns. I can deal with that, but I cannot risk my reputation because we are in this virtuous loop where the market is trending.”

I can see that coming from any of the so-called “smart crowd” paraded across the financial media landscape. But, coming from him I was a little taken back. For the situations or analysis he seemed to be outlining doesn’t get realized in an, “A-ha!” type moment from my viewpoint. They were either there and rebuked based on other criteria or – it’s only allowed itself to be spun into some believable – sell-able – hypothesis. I could be totally wrong, or off base. However, that’s the feeling I had as I was reading.

It’s one thing to look at something, think it means one thing or another based on correlations, causation, or other factors only to find what once was – is now not. But, (and it’s a very big but) can you take the correlations, or causation factors that moved markets in the past and transpose those by overlaying them into today’s models where none of the previous influences apply other than name only?
i.e., Is the 7% unemployment figure reported today a true qualitative figure to use and compare as to what 7% unemployment (UE) was 20 years ago? (If you said yes, I have a bridge I would like you to consider investing in.)

Although the UE example above is my own. I couldn’t help looking at all the correlations or calls for causation without viewing them through that prism. And this is not something isolated to Mr. Hendry. This seems to be the underlying principle or vehicle used by many of these last “capitulating” bears. Followed by many with the most over used CYA statement of the year: “We all know this will end badly.”

Personally I am a firm believer in stating you’re wrong. (I’ve stated that case here) However, being wrong for the right reasons is something the professional needs to not only take into their own counsel, they have to deliver that reasoning to others as well. Even if credibility as well as money may be on the line. Anything less and it has all the trappings for giving birth to questioning all the underlying reasoning both past, as well as future.

If investment advisers and others came out and made statements along the lines of:
Listen, I/we’ve been wrong in our timing. Yet, as far as our thinking, it has not changed. But – we seem to be leaving money on the table. What we would like to express now or advise is that we are in perilous, uncharted waters. Anyone who tells you what is going to happen from here with any certainty is embarking in a fools notion. Protecting assets, and the fear of a crash is still a paramount concern. However, for those who want to put any money at risk as to try to capture any remaining momentum. Here’s an idea. And it’s nothing more than that, for we are in uncharted waters. So: Caveat emptor!

I personally can read, understand, and quite possibly invest is such an idea. For the reasoning behind it is understandable. Yet, this is what true capitulation is, is it not?

Stating that we’re now going higher because of momentum based on technical or fundamentals used to gauge previous moves (i.e.,1+1=2 can now mean 1+1= ____what ever you want) is a tad flawed in my thinking.

Again, this is what seems to be the over arching theme from many I still highly regard. (Just because I disagree on this point doesn’t mean I’m right or they’re wrong. Only time will tell.)

There have been many (including myself) who have seen or expected more catastrophe or economic challenges to occur such as Jim Rogers, Harry Dent, Robert Prechter, Jim Chanos, and others. Yet, the call has yet to materialize. However, what I have not seen is capitulation as to say: “Hey, we’ve been wrong so it’s probably more blue sky from here!” No, what they have seemed to capitulate on was that their call on the timing has been off. Nothing more.

Agree or disagree but the reasoning behind the “why” they believe, what they believe, and the analysis behind it, is still as sound as it was when presented. More than not it has shown to give one even more reason as to apply even more caution the longer or further we travel this path.

I mean truly: If I stated famed investor Jim Rogers said something to the effect that he was selling all his gold positions because he feels gold is in a seemingly unstoppable bear market. Where momentum is only to the downside. And, there was nothing else to do other than “capitulate” and sell. Followed with charts, and technicals for selling your gold portfolios based on today’s analysis, as well as today’s fundamental overlays.

Would I have your attention?

Or would you be asking for you money back?

© 2013 Mark St.Cyr

Adventures In Stupidity: Empowered Stupidity

The problem today is many believe or feel they have no “power.” They work or perform some medial tasks or worse, they are in positions where they should be given or empowered with the ability to make a judgement call when it is needed. However, they are left with little to none. i.e., A cashier can’t open their register to make change without a manager approving that they may actually go into the register and handle the money – even though that is their designated job. I mean really – If you don’t trust them enough to open a drawer without supervision, then why exactly are they cashiers?

Then there’s when the whole empowerment issue gets turned upside down. Where people who have no common sense suddenly seem to take the whole “empowerment” thing to a level not only passed stupid, but rather, begins to come so full circle that stupid looks smart compared to their decisions.

For this there were two examples – that for my money – take the cake for this years dumber than dumb award.

First you have some school officials charging (yes – filing actual legal complaints) a six-year-old boy with sexual harassment for kissing his “thought to be” girlfriend on both the hand and cheek. If this isn’t a case of some one taking themselves a little too serious. Than their only defense for not being the most foolish is saved only by what happened this same week involving a security agent at a U.S.A. carrier screening area.

This agent felt the need to both publicly humiliate and detain a person from boarding a plane because they seemed to have detected a weapon in her belongings. The weapon? A toy gun and holster that was part of a cowboy ensemble that dressed her Sock Monkey® puppet that was approximately less than 6 inches long.

No, not the toy gun was 6 inches long. The monkey stood approximately six inches tall. The toy pistol was smaller than a quarter! (A U.S. official 25 cent coin) Your finger tip is larger than what was called into question. Yet, detained, humiliated, and nearly missing their flight till finally a cooler head prevailed, and the threat of charges were dropped so people were able to go about their way.

If the above two examples weren’t cause enough for one to shake their head. The final act in this trilogy of stupidity must end with the person hired to sign for the deaf at Nelson Mandala’s final celebration.

This person it has come to be known, had absolutely no idea of what he was doing. He was moving and flailing his hands around next to world leaders from nearly every country on the globe. Yet – he was a fraud.

Only after a myriad of people from around the globe (actual deaf viewers watching and scratching their heads) then calling attention to him via the authorities in South Africa was this person’s sham unmasked. What was really amazing about this story? It wasn’t his first time. He has done this more than once and for other important events or dignitaries.

Apparently he believed he was so good at this fraudulent act that not only did he get away with it once. He felt empowered that his skills were so good he was ready for the biggest audience, on the largest of stages, broadcast around the globe.

He must have thought to himself : “You can do this!” I mean – just how stupid does one have to be? (But that’s rhetorical is it not?)

Personally this week takes the cake for me. I can’t remember so much adventure crammed into one week. Although, we ain’t done yet right? For there’s almost 3 full weeks left to go. And at this rate who knows what’s next.

To top that you’d have to tell me something like you’d see world leaders taking selfies, laughing and joking at a funeral remembrance. I mean c’mon.

You’re joking right?

© 2013 Mark St.Cyr