It’s About Your Leadership Abilities Not Your Schooling

I always hear from someone whom thinks just because they don’t have some degree or, alphabet soup after their name, they don’t have the qualifications to lead others. They feel sheepish in thinking or proposing any such idea. It’s bunk. Get over your inferiority and make the bold plans, prepare, then lead. Even if it’s to lead only you. An army of support begins with you having the faith in yourself first. Without it, you’ve got nothing.

Remember, true leaders don’t just point and say, “Go that way!”

The yell or scream shouting, “This way!…Follow me!!!”  They don’t follow it with, “Because I have an MBA!” They lead because they lead. The damn torpedoes don’t care so why should you? If you know what is to be done – Do it!

Here’s a quote from one of my heroes David Ogilvy on Leadership:

“There appears to be no correlation between industrial leadership and high academic achievement. I was relieved to learn this, because I have no college degree, still less an MBA. It appears that the motivation which makes a man a good student is not the kind of motivation which makes a man a good leader.” – The Unpublished David Ogilvy ©1986 The Ogilvy Group Inc.


Start believing in you first. Once you do – So will the others.

© 2013 Mark St.Cyr