(For those who say I just don’t get it…Get this) :”What happens when…”

As I’ve stated many times; you might not be correct on timing however, that doesn’t mean what is possible can’t happen. It can lead many times to what I like to compare to the “Chicken little” or “Canary in a coal mine” scenarios.

You’re trying to express where people should be looking for clues as to what potential dangers may be on the horizon, as well as potentially profitable actions that might also be available.

As an entrepreneur one does not always have the luxury of waiting for a certain scenario to unfold before acting. You have to set plans and ideas into motion with an eye towards the percentage of what might unfold. You’ll never achieve 100% perfection. Those that try more often than not never accomplish anything. Their still waiting for that “exact moment.”

I wrote back in 2010  in today’s day and age of being less reliant on the bricks and mortars model to hold businesses in place. In that light I offer the following story that basically has gone either unnoticed or under reported by most media outlets. As an entrepreneur it has broad ramifications. Everywhere.

The state of California announced last week they were … (wait for it) retroactively rescinding a tax break they gave to entrepreneurs that sold and made profits on the sale of their business. Yes – you read that correctly: retroactively and not just for 1 year but – 4 years! You can read more here.

Many current entrepreneurs are now up in arms. (as they should be) The problem for many in the world of business is this: Both the people elected along with the people who voted for them believe this is good for California. Not only is it not. It will have chilling consequences in the very near future the way I read tea leaves.

One of the main reasons for this mindset is every one of these brainiac’s believe; if you own a business (of any size including solo practitioners) you’re rolling in money.

I believe it’s our job as entrepreneurs to explain what it is to actually be one. You need to explain to both your family and fiends. As well as those “idiots” that always express how “they know” what business is like yet haven’t a clue. Because, it’s also this very same group of people that will believe they’re brilliant, then they’ll vote in this kind of stupidity where you live and work.

Right after they leave California because there’s no more work for them.

Think about it.

© 2013 Mark St.Cyr

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