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If It’s This – Then Why That?

Everyone has their own idea about what cryptos are or, what they are not. Ask 100 people and you’re more likely to get 100 different answers rather, than anything resembling consensus on one. I’ve already thrown my thoughts into this quagmire and, so far, my on-the-record statements and projections well in advance, as well as…

About All Those ‘Fundamentals’

As long time readers and listeners of the broadcast (more coming on that in the very near future) will attest, I’ve repeated the following statement ad nauseam to illustrate a challenge I’ve had to overcome prior when addressing audiences in person. To wit: “There comes a point in many discussions when I have to stop…


(For Those Who Say I Just Don’t Get It…Get This) As I am typing this the “markets” are, once again, breaking all known records to reach ever-the-higher heights. Why? Well, the reason why I even mention it, was for a note I just received from a colleague that was incredulous to a prior conversation we…

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