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Following The Blue Line Update

On the show yesterday (Wednesday) I was discussing the current gyrations in the “markets” where I stated that there does come a point where certain patterns, trend-lines, etc., etc. become either irrelevant or need to be changed/altered. However, with that said, I pointed out that the “blue line” that I have been using was not … Continue reading Following The Blue Line Update

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Over the past decade Mark has made more news than most claiming to be “in the news.” He’s correctly called some of the largest financial market moves not only in the U.S. but globally. Mark has routinely been far ahead of the entire mainstream business/financial media pertaining to such topics as Federal Reserve policies, Wall Street, legislative enactments, their impact and much, much more. A few examples would include: He is one of the only business figures correctly calling both trajectory and year end value of not just the tech space, but IPOs, Bitcoin and many more. All before hand, and most importantly – more than once.
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~Seth Godin, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author

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